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Larned splits baseball doubleheader
alex barger1
Larned's Alex Barger - photo by Photo by JANET FLESKE


HILLSBORO — Larned’s Jordan Taylor rescued the baseball Indians with a double to force extra innings and the game-deciding two-run base hit for a 13-10 comeback victory. Taylor delivered both clutch hits with two out.
Hillsboro salvaged a split of Thursday’s Central Kansas League doubleheader with a 5-4 victory off five unearned runs. Larned (2-2) travels to Pratt Tuesday.
LARNED 13, HILLSBORO 10 (G1)— Larned trailed 9-6 when the Indians scored four runs to force extra innings. Taylor’s single drove home Mason Burris and Brayden Rupp for a brief 10-9 lead. Taylor’s two-out single drove home Mason Perez and Alex Barger for a 12-10 lead. Rupp scored on an error for a 13-10 lead. Two walks and a hit batter ignited the rally.
Hillsboro’s Caleb Potucek ripped a two-run first-inning homer. Chance Elliott and Bryant Young scored on errors for a 4-0 lead after two innings.
Carson Smith hit a two-run double, Perez delivered an RBI single and Jack Stelter scored on an error for a 4-4 tie. 
Jorge Hanschu drove home a run, two runs scored on errors and Jack Parks scored on a groundout for an 8-4 Hillsboro lead after three innings.
Larned’s Carson Smith and Taylor drove home runs and Parks drove home a run for a 9-6 lead. 
Three walks opened the door for Larned’s four-run seventh-inning rally. Mason Burris and Hunter Fitzpatrick drove home runs to set up Taylor’s key hit. Potucek scored on a groundball to force extra innings at 10-10. 
HILLSBORO 5, LARNED 4 (G2)— Larned’s four errors led to five unearned runs. Potucek doubled and scored on a sixth-inning error with two out to break a 4-4 tie off hard-luck loser Alex Barger.
Barger’s single scored Carson Smith with a first-inning run. Barger’s bases-loaded walk forced home a run and Carson Smith scored on a sacrifice fly for a 3-0 lead.
Hillsboro’s Elliott scored on an error, Kaden Kleiner scored on a groundout and Hanschu’s RBI single forced a 3-3 tie after three innings.
Trojan Cole Kaufman scored on an error and Perez scored on a fifth-inning error for a 4-4 tie after five innings.
Larned 004 110 43 — 13 10 6
Hillsboro 224 100 10 — 10 11 2
Carson Smith, D. Smith (4), Barger (7) and Stelter. Kleiner, Potucek (6), Gardner (7), Parks (7) and Gardner. W—Barger. L—Parks. 2B—L—C. Smith, Taylor; Hanschu 2. H—Potucek.
Larned 102 010 0 — 4 7 4
Hillsboro 003 101 x — 5 8 4
Gladow, Smyth (4), Barger (5) and Stelter. Young, Potucek (5) and Gardner. W—Potucek. L—Barger. 2B—H—Potucek.

Nickerson 6-0
Pratt 6-0
Kingman 5-1
Haven 3-3
Hesston 3-3
Hoisington 2-2
Larned 2-4
Halstead 2-4
Hillsboro 2-4
S. Valley 1-5
Lyons 0-6
Halstead 5-3; Hesston 12-11
Haven 12-1; Hillsboro 11-10
Kingman 9-8, 12-2 Smoky Valley
Nickerson 24-3, 30-0 Lyons
Pratt 10-0, 13-8 Larned
Haven at Larned
Hillsboro at Hoisington
Kingman at Pratt
Smoky Valley at Nickerson

NICKERSON (6-0)—WW Hillsboro 7-4, 6-3; WW Haven 11-6, 13-3; WW Lyons 24-3, 30-0; 4-13—Smoky Valley; 4-17—Larned; 4—20—at Hoisington; 4-24—Hesston; 5-1—at Pratt; 5-4—at Halstead; 5-8—Kingman

PRATT (6-0)—WW Hesston 10-0, 11-0; WW Halstead 10-0 11-1; WW Larned 10-0, 13-8; 4-13—Kingman; 4-20—Hillsboro; 4-24—at Haven; 4-26—at Smoky Valley; 5-1—Nickerson; 5-4–at Lyons; 5-8—Hoisington

KINGMAN (5-1)—WL Larned 16-1, 3-5; WW Hoisington 26-19, 16-6; 4-6—Hesston; WW Smoky Valley 9-8, 12-2; 4-13—at Pratt; 4-20—Lyons; 4-24—at Halstead; 4-27—at Hillsboro; 5-1—Haven; 5-8—at Nickerson

HAVEN (3-3)—WW Smoky Valley 5-3, 13-12; LL Nickerson 6-11, 3-13; WL Hillsboro 12-1, 10-11; 4-13—at Larned; 4-17—Hesston; 4-24—Pratt; 4-27—at Lyons; 5-1—at Kingman; 5-4–at Hoisington; 5-8—Halstead

HOISINGTON (2-2)—WW Lyons 18-3, 8-7; LL Kingman 19-26, 6-16; 4-13—Hillsboro; 4-16—at Smoky Valley; 4-20—Nickerson; 4-24—at Larned; 4-27—Halstead; 5-1—Hesston; 5-4—Haven; 5-8—at Pratt

LARNED (2-4)—WL Kingman 5-3, 1-16; WL Hillsboro 13-10 4-5; LL Pratt 0-10, 8-13; 4-13—Haven; 4-17—at Nickerson; 4-20—at Halstead; 4-24—Hoisington; 4-27—Hesston; 5-3—Smoky Valley; 5-8—at Lyons

HESSTON (3-3)—LL Pratt 0-10, 0-11; WW Lyons 12-2, 10-3; 4-6—Kingman, ppd.; WL Halstead 12-11, 3-5; 4-17—at Haven; 4-20—Smoky Valley; 4-24—at Nickerson; 4-27—at Larned; 5-1—at Hoisington; 5-4—at Hillsboro;

HALSTEAD (2-4)—WL Smoky Valley 13-3; 0-10; LL Pratt 0-10, 1-11; WL Hesston 5-3, 11-12; 4-17—at Lyons; 4-20—Larned; 4-24—Kingman; 4-27—at Hoisington; 5-1—Hillsboro; 5-4—at Nickerson; 5-8—at Haven

HILLSBORO (2-4)—LL Nickerson 4-3, 3-6; WL Larned 5-4, 10-13; WL Haven 11-10, 1-12; 4-13—at Hoisington; 4-20—at Pratt; 4-24—Lyons; 4-27—Kingman; 5-1—at Halstead; 5-4—Hesston; 5-8—at Smoky Valley

SMOKY VALLEY (1-5)—LL Haven 3-5, 12-13; WL Halstead 10-0, 3-13; LL Kingman 8-9, 2-12; 4-13—at Nickerson; 4-16—Hoisington; 4-20—at Hesston; 4-26—Pratt; 5-1—Lyons; 5-3—at Larned; 5-8—Hillsboro

LYONS (0-6)—LL Hoisington 3-18, 7-8; LL Hesston 2-12, 3-10; LL Nickerson 3-24, 0-30; 4-17—Halstead; 4-20—at Kingman; 4-24—at Hillsboro; 4-27—Haven; 5-1—at Smoky Valley; 5-4—Pratt; 5-8—Larned