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Larned teams win titles at Great Bend Tennis Invitational
jessica nieto2 WEB
Jessica Nieto, Great Bend - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune

Larned’s No. 2 singles Kristin Anderson placed first and No. 2 doubles Ali Leiker and Abby Kelty placed first in the Great Bend Invitational Tennis Tournament Tuesday.
Anderson defeated Dodge City’s Mavin Dameron, 7-6 (7-5) in the finals after she beat Great Bend’s Addison Ingram 6-3 and Hays High’s Kaleigh Ashbaugh 6-3.
Leiker/Kelty defeated Sterling’s Katie Comley/Lydia Miller 7-5 in the finals. They beat Great Bend’s Sydney McAfee/Gentry Schneider, 6-2 and Hays High’s Macey Steckel/Joslyn Dinkel, 7-5.

TEAM TOTALS—1. Sterling 13; 2. Larned 12; 3. Dodge City 10; 4. Hays High 9; 5. Great Bend 6; 6. Meade 4

No. 1 singles
First—Madison Thrasher, Sterling def. Sarah Wyse, Hays, 6-1
Third—Amanda Lessard, Larned def. Daniela Villareal, DC, 7-5
Fifth—Abie Howard, Meade def. Addie Westhoff, GB, 7-5
Lessard def. Westhoff, 6-4; Wyse def. Lessard, 6-3; Wyse def. Westhoff, 6-4

No. 2 singles
First—Kristin Anderson, Larned def. Mavin Dameron, DC, 7-6 (7-5)
Third—Addison Ingram, GB def. Lexi Neel, Meade, 6-2
Anderson, def. Ingram, 6-3; Anderson def. Kaleigh Ashbaugh, Hays, 6-3; Ingram def.. Ashbaugh, 6-3

No. 1 doubles
First—Lindsay Gilmore/Jasmine Bates, Sterling def. Macy Haas/Katelynn Sanger, Larned, 6-2
Third— Hannah Sowers/Leah Stein, DC def. Gabby Taliaferro/Brianna Forinash, Hays, 6-2
Fifth— Kira Cook/Jessica Nieto, Great Bend def. Rebecca Friesen/Liberty Luetters, Meade, 6-2
Haas/Sanger def. Taliaferro/Forinash, 6-4; Haas/Sanger def. Cook/Nieto, 6-1; Cook/Nieto def. Taliaferro/Forinash, 6-3

No. 2 doubles
First—Ali Leiker/Abby Kelty, Larned def. Katie Comley/Lydia Miller, Sterling, 7-5
Third— Macey Steckel/Joslyn Dinkel, Hays def. Bailey Lewis/Chrissy LeClear, Meade, 7-6 (7-5)
Fifth—Sierra Grice/Abigail Argumedo, DC def. Sydney McAfee/Gentry Schneider, GB, 7-6 (7-5)
Leiker/Kelty def. Mcafee/Schneider, 6-2; Leiker/Kelty def. Steckel/Dinkel, 7-5; Steckel/Dinkel def. McAfee/Schneider, 7-6 (9-7)