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Macksville captures cross country meets
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HOISINGTON - Macksville's boys and girls won the Hoisington Josh Emerson cross coun try meets Saturday. The Mustangs scired 28 points in the boys varsity division.
Hoisington's Dayne Yott won the boys varsity race (19:04.73). Macksville's Diego Delgadillo finished third (20:50.72), Andrew Cross was fourth (20:55.86) and Brandon Ibarra placed fifth (21:02.49).
Macksville's girls won the team title with 36 points behind third-place finisher Emma Stimatze. Russell's Hannah Gruber won the girls race (22:13.54).

Varsity Boys
Team-1. Macksville 28; 2. Hoisington 45; 3. Russell 55.
Dayne Yott, Hoisington 19:04.73
Ty Cisneros, Russell 19:26.66
Diego Delgadillo, Macksville, 20:50.72
Andrew Cross, Macksville, 20:55.86
Brandon Ibarra, Macksville, 21:02.49
Christoper Ball, Hoisington, 21;12.07
Hector Negrete, Macksville, 21:19.14
Gage Schoenhoff, Fairfield, 21:42.13
Jarrod Kuckelman, Macksville, 21:52.32
Bobby Rhodes, Russell, 22:04.07
Jonathan Ball, Hoisington, 22;19.04
Brinttain Noah, Hoisington, 22:25.42
Travis Ochs Russell, 22:46.01
Sam Ochs, Russell, 23:15.66
Andres Rincon, Hoisington, 23:48.77
Joe Cochran, Russell, 24:04.88
Trey Varmer, Russell, 24:23.07
Braden Konzem, Hoisington,27:44.99

Varsity Girls
Team-1. Macksville 36
Hannah Gruber Russell 22:13.54
Jaismon Travelbee Fairfield 22:32.61
Emma Stimatze Macksville 23:50/74
Jessi Kindscher Hoisington 24:15.05
Vikki Donetz Hoisington 25:33.48
Itzel Garcia Macksville 25:44.38
Carly Welsh Otis-Bison 25:45.47
Lexi Wright Macksville 26:18.66
Bethany Esparza Macksville 28:37.94
Mikeal Ann Loiland Macksville 30:10.73
Christine Garza Macksville 30:37.57
Susie Penner Macksville 31:37.69

JV Boys
Trey Britton Macksville 22:34
Jacob Suiter Macksville 22:35
Gabe Wolff Macksville 23:15
Harley Blaske Macksville 23:45
Darien Miller Macksville 24:27:0
Willie Penner Macksville 25:50:0
Paxton Hammeke Central Plains 25:53:0
Jayden Whiterock Central Plains 26:34:0
Elijah Fontanez Russell 29:08:0
Ethan Nichols Hoisington 29:13:0
Trent Evens Fairfield 29:34:0
Dylan Reif Hoisington 31:55:0
Clade Anderson Otis-Bison 31:59:0
Keaton Klug Hoisington 33:19:0

JV Girls
Lydia Mendez Macksville 26:40:0
Kiley Blevins Macksville 27:35:0
McKinley Hottovy Macksville 28:25:0
Verenice Sanchez Fairfield 29:09:0
Sheridan Ewy Otis-Bison 31:05:0
Carmen Jones Hoisington 31:57:0
Caren Holguin Macksville 29:50:0
Kaylee Hottovy Macksville 30:30:0
Katrina Waters Macksville 30:55:0
Jade Wissing Central Plains 34:10:0
Brianna Hickel Central Plains 34:22:0
Jade Whiterock Central Plains 34:31:0
Elena Kuckelman Macksville 35:35:0
Jacquelin Galan Macksville 36:40:0