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Panther swimmers capture Salina title
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SALINA – The Great Bend girls swimmers captured four events and earned three state-qualifying times while winning the Salina South Tournament. Great Bend (500) edged McPherson (489) for first place.

The Panthers led McPherson by one point heading to the 400-free relay and finished first and fourth.

“We held them off with our A and B relays placing first and fourth. It was easily our best meet of the season,” said Great Bend coach Steve Beaumont. “It was definitely a lot of excitement and competitive racing in every event.  We had so many great swims and season best times.  We competed well in every event and our relays swam very well. McPherson is a very good team.”

Panther first-place winners were Aubrey Snapp, 200 freestyle (2:14.54); Camryn Dunecack, 100 free (59.28); the 200 free relay (1:50.84) with Zoe Jerke, Aubrey Snapp, Delaney Buehler, Dunekack; and the 400 free relay (4:05.15) with Aubrey Snapp, Calista Long, Katherine Snapp and Dunekack.

Passing state qualifying times were runner-up Calista Long, 100 butterfly (1:08.2); runner-up Aubrey Snapp, 100 freestyle (1:00.93); and third-place finisher Olivia Mull, 100 breaststroke (1:17.92).

“We were really proud of these three young ladies,” Beaumont said. “To have all three qualify at one meet was really exciting. Our 500 swimmers were outstanding and all swam their best times of the season and combined with our 200 free relays, we were able to take a lead.”

Beaumont said the Panthers had other top performances.

“Katherine Snapp had her best meet of her high school career,” Beaumont said. “She finished third in the 200 IM and second in the 500 free – both personal best times. She improved 23 seconds from her previous best in the 500 freestyle.” 

Beaumont said the Panthers performed well.

"B" relays continue to swim outstanding for us. Our depth has been key to our success in nearly every meet,” Beaumont said. “Our ninth graders continue to improve and contribute in so many ways, and all of them scored in individual events – Zoe Jerke, McKenna Cape, Ruth Williams, Emma Mayhill, Rachel Panzer, Maddie Huslig, Alexis Ibarra, Azha Elliott.” 


TEAM TOTALS—1—Great Bend 500; 2—McPherson 489; 3—Dodge City 221; 4—Salina Sout 195; 5—Campus 174; 6—Salina Central 131; 7—Junction City 115; 8—Liberal 110; 9—Hays High 96; 10—Holcomb 77; 11—Great Bend B 52; 12—Salina Sacred Heart 10


50 free—1—Cardeillini, SS, 26.53; 3—Dunekack, 27.41; 7—Buehler, 28.59; 13—Schneider, 30.0; 30—Popp, 35.37; 31—M. Jones, 40.08; 32—Holguin, 40.91


100 free—1—Dunekack, GB, 59.28; 2—A. Snapp, 1:00.93; 11—Lang, 1:09.56; 21—Olivas, 1;23.1; 26—Brack, 1:29.28; 29—B. Jones, 1:36.06


100 backstroke—1—Weckerle, DC, 1:05.22 3—Long, 1:13.09; 6—Jerke, 1:15.03; 8—Panzer, 1:17.08; 13—W. Jones, 1:25.5; 22—Moyers, 1:33.36; 29—Schridde, 1:54.51


100 breaststoke—1—Cardellini, SS, 1:13.48; 3—Mull, 1:17.92; 9—Beaumont, 1:28.98; 12—Strickland, 1:34.09; 13—Elliott, 1:34.11; 25—Brack, 1:46.37


100 butterfly—1—Weckerle, DC, 1:03.68; 2—Long, 1:08.2; 5—Williams, 1;15.02; 13—Linenberger, 1:27.59


200 free—1—A. Snapp, GB, 2:14.54; 5—Jerke, 2:27.34; 11—Soupiset, 2:42.52; 22—Millard, 3:01.56; 25—Mason, 3:16.52


200 IM—1—Cutting, Mc, 2:32.64; 2—Mull, 2:38.67; 3—K. Snapp, 2:40.89; 8—Huslig, 2:58.71; 9—Cape, 2:58.73


500 freestyle—1—Flavin, 6:08.98; 2—K. Snapp, 6:33.29; 5—Mayhill, 6:51.84; 6—Gerdes, 6:52.59; 12—Huslig, 7:20.84; 14—Barton, 7:28.05


200 free relay—1—GB, 1:50.84 (Jerke, A. Snapp, Buehler, Dunekack); 6—GB, 1:59.14 (Schneider, Beaumont, Gerdes, Libeer); 9—GB, 2:04.38 (Lang, Ruppe, Cape, K. Snapp); 16—GB, 2:14.82 (Elliott, W. Jones, Millard, Ibarra); 24—GB, 2:26.8 (Moyers, Olivas, Mason, Brack); 28—GB, 2:42.64 (Ringo, Popp, M. Jones, B. Jones)


200 medley relay—1—McPherson, 2:06.6; 2—GB, 2:08.58 (Long, Mull, Buehler, Jerke); 7—GB, 2:16.29 (Panzer, Beaumont, Williams, Schneider); 10—GB, 2:22.24 (Linenberger, Libeer, Mayhill, Ruppe); 21—GB, 2:41.09 (W. Jones, Elliott, Popp, Barton); 27—GB, 3:01.42 (Schridder, Huslig, Holguin, Ringo); 28—GB, 3:02.42 (Moyers, Brack, M. Jones, B. Jones)


400 free relay—1—GB, 4:05.15 (A. Snapp, Long, K. Snapp, Dunekack); 4—GB, 4:31.47 (Libeer, Gerdes, Panzer, Beaumont); 10—GB, 4:50.12 (Ruppe, Mayhill, Strickland, Lang); 13—GB, 5:07.12 (Millard, Ibarra, W. Jones, Huslig); 23—GB, 5:57.1 (Moyers, M. Jones, Mason, Barton); 24—GB, 5:59.69 (Olivas, Schridde, Holguin, Popp)