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Panther tennis competes at Salina

SALINA – Great Bend’s No. 1 singles Anna Popp placed fourth in the Salina South junior varsity tennis tournament. Salina Central’s Sydney Raman defeated Popp, 6-2 for third place.
No. 2 singles Mollie Phillips (2-1) placed fifth; No. 1 doubles Katherine Snapp and Aubrey Muth (2-1) placed fifth; and No. 2 doubles Madison Huslig and Priscilla Ramirez (1-2) finished sixth.
Great Bend scored 12 points to place fifth.

TEAM TOTALS—1—Abilene 28; 2—Salina South 25; 3—Salina Central 21; 4—Emporia 16; 5—Great Bend 12; 6—Junction City 6; Marysville 6
NO. 1 SINGLES—1—Shaelynn Cross, A def. Sarah McAllister, SS, 6-2; 3—Sydney Raman, SC def. Anna Popp, GB, 6-2; 5—Krista Talley, JC def. Sydney Spellman, E, 6-4; 7—Megan Kirkland, M def. Abby Rosauer, JC, 6-5; Popp, GB def. Rosauer, 6-0; McAllister, SS def. Popp, GB, 6-0
NO. 2 SINGLES—1—Gillian Falcon, SS def. Honesty Brooks, E, 6-2; 3—Robinson, SC def. Bella Sims, A, 6-0; 5—Mollie Phillips, GB def. Erilinne Thornton, JC, 6-3; 7—Chloe Irvine, JC def. Sara Rodriguez-Suarez, M, 6-0; Robinson, SC def. Phillips, GB, 6-0; Phillips, GB def. Irvine, JC, 6-1
NO. 1 DOUBLES—1—Tatum Ditto-Katie Zey, A def. Katie Janzen-Sophie Lenkiewicz, 6-1; 3—Sadie Farris-Kati Rivera, SS def. Sophie Seely-Lauren Jansen-Clark, E, 6-3; 5—Katherine Snapp-Aubrey Muth, GB def. Mystique Escobedo-Ngan Tran, SS, 6-1; Ditto-Zey, A def. Snapp-Muth, GB, 6-2; Snapp-Muth, GB def. Adrianna Mullins-Alidsha Vazquez, JC, 6-4
NO. 2 DOUBLES—1—Anna Zey-Savannah Stout, A def. Brylee Sader-Aila Yager, SS, 6-5; 3—Hannah Queen-Chloe White, SC def. Kortney Schmitz-Anna Cohorst, M, 6-0; 5—Allie Bonitatibus-Cassie Lane, E def. Madison Huslig-Priscilla Ramirez, GB, 6-4; Sader-Yager, SS def. Huslig-Ramirez, GB, 6-5; Huslig-Ramirez, GB def. Alexis Barr-Patricia Cruz, JC, 6-0