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Panther wrestlers runner-up at Salina South
Great Bend's Sander, Fritz place first


SALINA -- Great Bend wrestlers Keaton Sander (138) and Gage Fritz (145) won four matches and placed first at the Salina South Tournament as the Panthers scored 114.5 points to finish runner-up behind Colby High School (116.5).

State-ranked Sander defeated Ottawa’s Jared Parenti 13-1 in the championship match. Fritz  defeated Plainville’s  Jordan Finnesy 15-5 in the finals.

Panthers Drew Liles (106) finished second and Eric Vazquez  (120), George Weber (126) and Noah Presson (285) placed third. Hutchinson High’s Brian Gates defeated Liles 15-0 in the championship match.

"I was very pleased with how we wrested,” said Great  Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman. "The work over break showed in how we wrestled.  Every match mattered in this tournament. We took second by half a point and trailed Colby by two points.  That comes down to one match at any point in the tournament.  Looking forward to our dual tournament at Kapaun next week."



TEAM TOTALS—1—Colby 116.5; 2—Great Bend 114.5; 3—Salina Central 112; 4—Wichita West 100.5; 5—Hutchinson 95.5; 6—Junction City 88.5; 7—Salina South 83.5; 8—Wichita Northwest 70; 9—Ottawa 53.5; 10—Plainville 49



106—Drew Liles, GB, 2nd; Liles, GB pinned Kyson Harmison, SC, 0:23; Liles, GB pinned Ezekiel Rizo, WNW, 1:33; Liles, GB, pinned Rathe Aschenbrenner, Colby,  3:56; 1st Place--Brian Gates, Hutchinson def. Drew Liles , GB, 15-0


113—Carsyn Schooler, GB, 4th; Schooler, GB, def. Kurt Schroeder, Colby, 7-3; Brandon Fiedler WW def. Schooler, GB, 10-5; Schooler, GB, def. Kaden Castleberry, Ottawa, 16-0; 3rd Place—Josh Tarbox, Hutchinson def. Schooler, GB, 5-4


120--Eric Vazquez, GB, 3rd; Vazquez, GB, def. Carson  Ochoa, SS,  7-0; Vazquez, GB, def. Dalton Sander, Plainville, 2:34; Julion Falco, SC def. Eric Vazquez, GB, 11-1; 3rd Place--Vazquez def. Izaiah Delvalle, Hutchinson, 4-0


126--George Weber , GB, 3rd; Weber, GB pinned Jason Wagoner WNW  1:41; Weber, GB def. Isaiah Harder SC  5-0; Weber, GB pinned Daniel Atkins, SS,  4:31; J. Fonseca WW def. Weber , GB,  6-0; 3rd Place—Weber, GB, def. Tanner Reed, Colby, 11-6


132—Alex Randolph, GB, 6th; Kevin Robinson, WW pinned Randolph, GB,  0:34; Jermaine Epps, WNW def. Randolph, GB, 9-8; Randolph , GB pinned Cody Crawford, Plainville, 0:38

Randolph , GB pinned Ricky Norval , Ottawa, 1:44; 5th Place -- - Logan Roether , JC, def. Randolph , GB, 7-5


138—Keaton Sander , GB, 1st; Sander , GB, def. Kray True SC, 1:57; Sander , GB def. Tyler Marshall WNW  6-0; Sander , GB pinned Lance Page Hutchinson, 1:15; Sander, GB pinned Derrek Sherwood, SS, 1:44; 1st Place--Sander, GB, def. Jared Parenti, Ottawa, 13-1


145—Gage Fritz , GB, 1st; Fritz , GB, def. Evan Bishop SC, 16-5; Fritz, GB, def. Ethan Jeffries, SS,13-5; Fritz , GB, pinned Hodef. WW, 0:43; Fritz, GB, def. Drew Nutt, Ottawa, 10-2; 1st Place--Fritz def. Plainville’s Jordan Finnesy, 15-5 


 152—Braxton Schooler, GB, 6th; John Clark, JC pinned Schooler, GB,  1:37; Donivyn Will SC pinned Schooler, GB, 2:12; Schooler, GB, def. Levi Allen Hutchinson, 16-4; 5th Place--Dalton Welsh, Ottawa def. Schooler, GB,12-4


170—Jacob Meeks , GB, 7th; Xavier Mosca WNW def. Meeks , GB, 10-5; Tayton Webb WW def. Meeks, GB,  4-2; Terrence Adeleye, JC, def. Meeks , GB, 14-6; 7th Place--Meeks, GB pinned Brennan Staab, Plainville, 1:49


182—Hector Olivas; Aryus Jones, JC pinned Olivas, GB, 1:12; Ryan Junkermeier, Plainville pinned Olivas, GB, 4:50; Landon Dimitt,  Hutchinson def. Olivas, GB,13-4; Kenmaj Graham, WNW def. Olivas, GB, 6-2


285—Noah Presson , GB, 3rd; Presson, GB pinned Tristan Harder, SC  2:07; Presson, GB pinned Chandler Adamson, Ottawa, 0:43; Joseph Gilbertson WNW pinned Presson, GB, 1:15; 3rd Place-- Presson, GB pinned Steehl Limon Hutchinson  0:47

1st Place—Brian Gates Hutchinson
2nd Place—Drew Liles Great Bend
3rd Place—Rathe Aschenbrenner Colby
4th Place—Blaine Danforth Junction City
5th Place—Jordan Franklin Ottawa
6th Place—Ezekiel Rizo Wichita Northwest
7th Place—Kyson Harmison Salina Central
1st Place—Brian Gates (Hutchinson) 16-0, def. Drew Liles (Great Bend) 12-4, (5-0)
3rd Place—Rathe Aschenbrenner (Colby) 13-6, pinned Blaine Danforth (Junction City) 3-2, (2:52)
5th Place—Jordan Franklin (Ottawa) 5-6, pinned Ezekiel Rizo (Wichita Northwest) 3-9, (5:02)

1st Place—Drew Burgoon Salina Central
2nd Place—Brandon Fiedler Wichita West
3rd Place—Josh Tarbox Hutchinson
4th Place—Carsyn Schooler Great Bend
5th Place—Kurt Schroeder Colby
6th Place—Chance Atkins Salina South
7th Place—Kaden Castleberry Ottawa
1st Place—Drew Burgoon (Salina Central) 11-2, def. Brandon Fiedler (Wichita West) 11-3, (11-2)
3rd Place—Josh Tarbox (Hutchinson) 9-7, def. Carsyn Schooler (Great Bend) 8-12, (5-4)
5th Place—Kurt Schroeder (Colby) 12-7, pinned Chance Atkins (Salina South) 2-10, (1:00)

1st Place—Tate Carney Colby
2nd Place—Julion Falco Salina Central
3rd Place—Eric Vazquez Great Bend
4th Place—Izaiah Delvalle Hutchinson
5th Place—Andrew Adams Wichita Northwest
6th Place—Carson Ochoa Salina South
7th Place—Landon Randall Ottawa
8th Place—Dalton Sander Plainville
1st Place—Tate Carney (Colby) 19-0, def. Julion Falco (Salina Central) 9-5, (15-2)
3rd Place—Eric Vazquez (Great Bend) 11-4, def. Izaiah Delvalle (Hutchinson) 11-6, (4-0)
5th Place—Andrew Adams (Wichita Northwest) 7-5, pinned Carson Ochoa (Salina South) 8-10, (5:11)
7th Place—Landon Randall (Ottawa) 1-3, def. Dalton Sander (Plainville) 0-13, (8-0)

1st Place—Max Bazan Junction City
2nd Place—Johnny Fonseca Wichita West
3rd Place—George Weber Great Bend
4th Place—Tanner Reed Colby
5th Place—Isaiah Harder Salina Central
6th Place—Brandon Rohr Plainville
7th Place—Sam Tarbox Hutchinson
8th Place—Daniel Atkins Salina South
1st Place—Max Bazan (Junction City) 15-2, def. Johnny Fonseca (Wichita West) 13-2, (10-2).
3rd Place—George Weber (Great Bend) 14-5, def. Tanner Reed (Colby) 16-7, (11-6).
5th Place—Isaiah Harder (Salina Central) 4-6, pinned Brandon Rohr (Plainville) 9-8, (0:59).
7th Place—Sam Tarbox (Hutchinson) 8-11, def. Daniel Atkins (Salina South) 11-10, (Forfeit)

132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place—Brenner Vogan Salina South
2nd Place—Kevin Robinson Wichita West
3rd Place—Sean Rall Colby
4th Place—Jermaine Epps Wichita Northwest
5th Place—Logan Roether Junction City
6th Place—Alex Randolph Great Bend
7th Place—Cooper Chard Salina Central
8th Place—Ricky Norval Ottawa
1st Place—Brenner Vogan (Salina South) 14-3, pinned Kevin Robinson (Wichita West) 14-3, (2:33)
3rd Place—Sean Rall (Colby) 16-4, pinned Jermaine Epps (Wichita Northwest) 6-7, (1:34)
5th Place—Logan Roether (Junction City) 5-2, def. Alex Randolph (Great Bend) 10-5, (17-5)
7th Place—Cooper Chard (Salina Central) 8-8, pinned Ricky Norval (Ottawa) 3-13, (0:44)

1st Place—Keaton Sander Great Bend
2nd Place—Jared Parenti Ottawa
3rd Place—Derrek Sherwood Salina South
4th Place—Nate Normandin Plainville
5th Place—Tyler Schritter Colby
6th Place—Tyler Marshall Wichita Northwest
7th Place—Lance Page Hutchinson
8th Place—Tanner Bogenhagen Junction City
1st Place—Keaton Sander (Great Bend) 19-0, def. Jared Parenti (Ottawa) 14-6, (3-1)
3rd Place—Derrek Sherwood (Salina South) 12-7, def. Nate Normandin (Plainville) 11-5, (6-4)
5th Place—Tyler Schritter (Colby) 12-11, def. Tyler Marshall (Wichita Northwest) 6-7, (6-5)
7th Place—Lance Page (Hutchinson) 5-12, pinned Tanner Bogenhagen (Junction City) 2-4, (0:34)

1st Place—Gage Fritz Great Bend
2nd Place—Jordan Finnesy Plainville
3rd Place—Travis Finley Colby
4th Place—Drew Nutt Ottawa
5th Place—Ethan Jeffries Salina South
6th Place—Patrick Graebner Hutchinson
7th Place—Austin Zaring Wichita Northwest
8th Place—Braden Hodef. Wichita West
1st Place—Gage Fritz (Great Bend) 12-2, def. Jordan Finnesy (Plainville) 12-4, (15-5)
3rd Place—Travis Finley (Colby) 18-3, pinned Drew Nutt (Ottawa) 9-4, (1:00)
5th Place—Ethan Jeffries (Salina South) 11-9, pinned Patrick Graebner (Hutchinson) 9-10, (4:48)
7th Place—Austin Zaring (Wichita Northwest) 4-6, def. Braden Hodef. (Wichita West) 1-4, (7-6)

1st Place—Allen Heberly Salina South
2nd Place—Donivyn Will Salina Central
3rd Place—Noah Hansen Plainville
4th Place—John Clark Junction City
5th Place—Dalton Welsh Ottawa
6th Place—Braxton Schooler Great Bend
7th Place—Kory Finley Colby
8th Place—Levi Allen Hutchinson
1st Place—Allen Heberly (Salina South) 9-4, def. Donivyn Will (Salina Central) 11-1, (5-3)
3rd Place—Noah Hansen (Plainville) 10-5, def. John Clark (Junction City) 8-6, (10-9)
5th Place—Dalton Welsh (Ottawa) 4-7, def. Braxton Schooler (Great Bend) 6-8, (12-4)
7th Place—Kory Finley (Colby) 12-8, pinned Levi Allen (Hutchinson) 2-12, (2:04)

1st Place—Jared Stevens Wichita West
2nd Place—Trent Prothro Salina Central
3rd Place—Adam Baker Wichita Northwest
4th Place—Zach Hart Colby
5th Place—Driestin Aho Ottawa
6th Place—Water Fan Salina South
7th Place—Kobe Spiess Plainville
8th Place—Elisa Robinson Junction City
1st Place—Jared Stevens (Wichita West) 14-3, def. Trent Prothro (Salina Central) 10-5, (7-1)
3rd Place—Adam Baker (Wichita Northwest) 7-3, def. Zach Hart (Colby) 12-8, (4-3)
5th Place—Driestin Aho (Ottawa) 4-5, def. Water Fan (Salina South) 2-11, (3-1)
7th Place—Kobe Spiess (Plainville) 6-9, def. Elisa Robinson (Junction City) 0-6, (16-1)

1st Place—Deriece Burse Salina Central
2nd Place—Tayton Webb Wichita West
3rd Place—Riley Smith Hutchinson
4th Place—Terrence Adeleye Junction City
5th Place—Xavier Mosca Wichita Northwest
6th Place—Chandler Bloomer Ottawa
7th Place—Jacob Meeks Great Bend
8th Place—Brennan Staab Plainville
1st Place—Deriece Burse (Salina Central) 10-3, pinned Tayton Webb (Wichita West) 4-7, (3:34)
3rd Place—Riley Smith (Hutchinson) 8-4, def. Terrence Adeleye (Junction City) 9-6, (12-4)
5th Place—Xavier Mosca (Wichita Northwest) 6-2, def. Chandler Bloomer (Ottawa) 4-10, (5-3)
7th Place—Jacob Meeks (Great Bend) 3-5, pinned Brennan Staab (Plainville) 3-12, (Fall 1:49).

1st Place—Aryus Jones Junction City
2nd Place—Taylon Peters Salina Central
3rd Place—Demaj Smith Salina South
4th Place—Ryan Junkermeier Plainville
5th Place—Jayden Creach Ottawa
6th Place—Landon Dimitt Hutchinson
7th Place—Jose Davilla Colby
8th Place—Kenmaj Graham Wichita Northwest
1st Place—Aryus Jones (Junction City) 12-2, pinned Taylon Peters (Salina Central) 15-1, (0:26)
3rd Place—Demaj Smith (Salina South) 11-4, def. Ryan Junkermeier (Plainville) 9-7, (7-2)
5th Place—Jayden Creach (Ottawa) 7-6, pinned Landon Dimitt (Hutchinson) 3-12, (0:52)
7th Place—Jose Davilla (Colby) 4-10, def. Kenmaj Graham (Wichita Northwest) 5-8, (5-4)

1st Place—Blaine Ray Ottawa
2nd Place—Dylan Chesterman Hutchinson
3rd Place—Payton Webb Salina South
4th Place—Garrett Bridwell Wichita Northwest
5th Place—Kyler Britt Colby
6th Place—Chris Ostrom Plainville
1st Place—Blaine Ray (Ottawa) 16-1, def. Dylan Chesterman (Hutchinson) 2-1, (15-0)
3rd Place—Payton Webb (Salina South) 2-1, pinned Garrett Bridwell (Wichita Northwest) 6-6, (5:14)
5th Place—Kyler Britt (Colby) 2-16, pinned Chris Ostrom (Plainville) 2-12, (3:45)

1st Place—Marcus Hicks Wichita Northwest
2nd Place—Cody Pearson Wichita West
3rd Place—Dylan Jensen Hutchinson
4th Place—Jeffrey Walters Junction City
5th Place—Cole Butts Salina Central
6th Place—Dru Keen Colby
7th Place—Jonny Nash Ottawa
8th Place—Hayden Weikle Salina South
1st Place—Marcus Hicks (Wichita Northwest) 8-4, pinned Cody Pearson (Wichita West) 2-2, (4:39)
3rd Place—Dylan Jensen (Hutchinson) 10-6, pinned Jeffrey Walters (Junction City) 8-8, (0:26)
5th Place—Cole Butts (Salina Central) 10-5, def. Dru Keen (Colby) 10-11, (3-2)
7th Place—Jonny Nash (Ottawa) 1-3, pinned Hayden Weikle (Salina South) 0-4, (0:58)

1st Place—Ethan Jay Colby
2nd Place—Joseph Gilbertson Wichita Northwest
3rd Place—Noah Presson Great Bend
4th Place—Steehl Limon Hutchinson
5th Place—Tristan Harder Salina Central
6th Place—Marc Wells Junction City
7th Place—Chandler Adamson Ottawa
1st Place—Ethan Jay (Colby) 17-2, pinned Joseph Gilbertson (Wichita Northwest) 8-2, (5:53)
3rd Place—Noah Presson (Great Bend) 11-2, pinned Steehl Limon (Hutchinson) 9-8, Jr. (0:47)
5th Place—Tristan Harder (Salina Central) 2-3, pinned Marc Wells (Junction City) 0-3, Jr. (1:58)