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Panthers bowlers are 5A state runner-up
spt jm GBHS bowling
Great Bend's 2018 5A state bowling runner-up Dalton Dicks, coach Jim Mayberry, eighth-place A.J. Roberts, Kameron Keener, 5A runner-up Bryce Moore, coach Mike Perry, fifth-place Jordan Black, Corbin Stanley. - photo by JIM MISUNAS Great Bend Tribune



WICHITA – The Great Bend Panthers proudly displayed a 5A state bowling trophy, just not the golden one they wanted.

Great Bend’s goal of capturing the 5A state bowling championship slipped away in an agonizing two-game closing sequence. Topeka West’s 3,217 pin-total finished 12 pins ahead of runner-up Great Bend Friday at Northrock Lanes.

Panther ninth-grader Bryce Moore finished as 5A runner-up 643 (196-237-210) joining fifth-place medalist Jordan Black 640 (191-245-215) and eighth-place finisher A.J. Roberts 620 (205-184-231) in the top 10 medalists.

The runner-up finish elicited tears by Panther players, who traded their temporary disappointment for smiles when they received the runner-up 5A state trophy. The Panthers captured the 2013 state title and placed as runner-up in 2012.

“All-in-all, it’s a great day,” said Great Bend coach Mike Perry. “When we think back, we’ll realize what we did. It was really close today. We competed this year, and I’m really proud of our boys.”

Moore marked in every frame in his 245 game. He marked eight consecutive times in the Baker format.

“I played the best I could,” Moore said. “I’m very proud because I played better than I thought I would. There’s one or two spares I could’ve gotten. We all could’ve picked up spares. It’s a team thing. It’s very frustrating to be so close, but I’m proud of our guys.”

Black played superbly in his three-game series and recorded three strikes in the Baker format.

“I was throwing shot-by-shot to help my team,” Black said. “It’s really frustrating to work all year and come close. We competed, but they threw better games than we did. In Bakers, you can get hot, and sometimes you’re not.”

Roberts played his best in the three-game series and twice led off Bakers with strikes.

“It’s great to rally together as a team because we had guys picking each other all day,” Roberts said.

The Panthers posted a three-game series score of 2,477 to build a 93-pin advantage over eventual champion Topeka West.  The loyal Panther crowd roared and chanted its approval.

After two rock-solid Baker games (213-191), the Panthers’ lead was a stunning 137 pins over Topeka West. The Panthers strung six consecutive strikes in game 1 and converted eight marks in game 2.

Momentum was on the Panthers’ side.

But Topeka West gained 149 pins with closing games of 275 and 208 while the Panthers struggled home with 160 and 164 games. The Panthers had three open frames in games 3 and 4.

“We came up a little bit short and they came back and beat us,” Perry said. “We got a couple of bad breaks. When you try too hard, sometimes things can go backwards on you.”

Moore recorded four strikes and four spares to keep the Panthers competitive in the Baker format.

“We were close to getting all the eggs in the basket,” Roberts said. “Baker games always comes down to getting spares. We’ll be aggressive and hungry again next year.”

Panther Corbin Stanley finished 31st (534, 212-169-153). Kameron Keener placed 52nd (485, 123-205-157. Dalton Dicks placed 74th (431,).

PANTHER GIRLS – Great Bend’s Jordan Vsetecka placed 15th (516, 176-173-167) and Lexi Fox placed 20th (490, 189-164-137) to earn top 20 Class 5A medals.

Salina South’s Lauren Lust was medalist (690, 189-253-248) with Shawnee Heights’ Cayla Bortz the runner-up (659, 236-210-213).

Wichita Carroll captured the 5A girls title at 3,115 (773-825-793) and Baker 724. Topeka Shawnee Heights was runner-up at 2,819 (684-735-713) and Baker 687.


1—Topeka West, 3,217 (806-823-755) 833 (183-167-275-208)

4—Jordan Freed, 640; 7— Dylan Tidwell, 621; 18—Adam Wood 585; 54—Jared Freed, 480; 59—Cody Mzhickteno, 474; 64—Austin Blazier, 466


2—Great Bend, 3,205 (793-871-813) 728 (213-191-160-164)

2—Bryce Moore, 643 (196-237-210); 5—Jordan Black, 640 (191-245-215); 8—A.J. Roberts, 620 (205-184-231); 31—Corbin Stanley, 534 (212-169-153); 52—Kameron Keener, 485 (123-205-157); 74—Dalton Dicks, 431 (131-169-131)


3—Wichita Carroll, 3,132 (781-742-865) 744 (160-197-212-175)

1—Dillon Malone, 672; 3—Parker Tippin 642; 25—Seth Lyle, 544; 60—Dalton Fox, 470; 67—Stephen Farley, 460; 74—Chris Sanders, 432


4—Shawnee Hts. 3,005 (737-813-747) 708 (193-162-164-189)

12—Keiton Kirkegard, 606, 14—Nathan Mercer, 603, 24—Brayden Prockish, 547; 36—Jared Sands, 522; 55—Alex Pheigaru, 480; 82—Alec Elskamp, 407


5—Salina South, 2,899 (744-739-801) 615 (155-123-173-164)

6—Kyle Miller, 632, 20—Zane VanAtta, 563, 33—Colter Stelter, 526; 57—Dalton Stelter, 477; 63—Andy Froetschner, 471; 70—Griffin Peterson, 443


6—McPherson, 2,866 (721-697-776) 672 (163-192-176-141)

17—Taylor Miller, 588, 19—Clay Ouellette, 585; 46—Matt Stiggins, 499; 62—Dylan Krehbiel, 471; 66—Jared Armstrong, 466; 91—JC Becker, 392


7—Wichita Hts. 2,834 (776-708-752) 598 (144-156-149-149)

12—Mack Protheroe, 603; 26—Silas Limes, 541; 27—Chris Marcum, 537; 28—Ryan George, 536; 76—Hunter Williamson, 424; 83—Cort Schwerdtfeger 406


8—Mulvane, 2,824 (748-674-719) 683 (155-187-146-195)

21—Kael Titus, 561; 39—Austin O’Daniel, 514 40—Garrett Moon, 511; 45—Eian Roach, 500; 47—JD Titus, 497; 85—Gauge Harness, 402


9—KC Turner, 2,668 (624-665-700) 679 (159-150-230-140)

35—Dylan Bailey, 522, 41—Cole Burton, 507; 44—Cody Grasmick, 500; 69—Jacob Carter, 449; 79—Ryan Bailes, 412; 89—Cole Hill, 393


10—Topeka-Seaman, 2,657 (721-625-670) 641 (152-165-140-184)

22—Noah Belt, 550, 32—Clayton Mumford, 531; 72—Trenton Turkin, 437; 75—DJ Birkenbaugh, 426; 86—Kyle Dindios, 399; 87—Sturgis Streeter, 399


11—Lansing, 2,533 (705-604-698) 526 (142-142-126-116)

11—Cody Vanderstaay, 607, 42—Hayden Hurley, 506; 68—Dante Hernandez, 453; 78—Mason Vanhoozier, 422; 80—Tyler Arnold, 409; 88—Dakota Sill, 397


12—Shawnee-Mill Valley, 2,342 (613-568-570) 592 (159-116-173-144)

51—Kyle Hirner, 485; 58—Trey Callahan, 476; 84—Brad Teasley, 404; 93—Jack Matchette, 385; 95—Brent Stevenson, 331; 96—Gabe Hakes, 323


9—Tyler Lovegren, De Soto, 620

10—Peyton Montgomery, Goddard-Eisenhower, 607

15—Grant Stoerman, St. Thomas Aquinas, 596

16—Tracey Hill, Liberal, 588

23—Sean Cauthron, De Soto, 550

29—Brett Perry, Shawnee Maranatha, 535

30—Brandon Collins, Goddard, 534

34—Creyton Nisly, Buhler, 525

37—Caleb Roth, SM Miege, 521

38—Kyron Fergus, KC Piper, 515

43—Dylan Swift, Emporia, 501

48—Austin Burton, KC Washington, 491

49—Malik Myers, Brookville-Ell-Saline, 487

50—Colby Burge, Atchison, 486

53—Cody Davis, KC Piper, 482

56—Grayson Graham, Maize, 478

61—Adrian Cruz, Maize, 471

65—Caleb James, Andover Central, 466

71—Matt Geisler, Maize South, 443

77—Noah Williams, Topeka Hayden, 423

81—Forrest Parker, El Dorado, 408

92—Eli Mosqueda, Augusta, 388

94—Miraj Bhakta, Salina Central, 374

Cole Runyan, Wichita-Collegiate, 636