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Proposal to modify 4-1A football classes fails to receive 146 majority votes needed
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TOPEKA — The Kansas State High School Activities Association reports a proposal to modify Class 4A, 3A and 2-1A for football classes failed to receive the 146 votes needed in favor to constitute a majority of the 290 impacted schools. The final tally indicated 101 schools voted in favor of the proposed changes.
Class 4A voted 61 percent in favor of the proposed changes. The proposal failed both majority requirements and is no longer in consideration by the KSHSAA.
Reducing Class 4A from 64 to 48 schools would have pushed the smallest 16 schools currently in 4A down to Class 3A.  Likewise, the smallest 16 schools currently in Class 3A would be pushed down to Class 2-1A.
On April 27, the KSHSAA board approved the proposal which would most notably reduce Class 4A football from 64 to 48 schools. The proposal developed in response to Class 4A having the largest discrepancy in enrollment amongst the seven Kansas classifications. Class 4A’s largest school has an enrollment 2.86 times the smallest school in the classification for the upcoming 2012-2013 season.     
While the proposal would have seemingly provided depth to the state’s smallest 11-man classification by boosting 2-1A from 41 to 57 teams, 19 of those schools have an enrollment under 100 students and by KSHSAA rules have the option to play either 11-man or 8-man football.   
Along with the classification changes, the proposal also required changes to the playoff format; increasing districts in Class 4A and 2-1A to six-teams with the top three teams qualifying. District champions would have received a first-round playoff bye.
In addition to the simple majority, the KSHSAA Bylaw Article XII, Section 4 requires the vote to pass in a majority of the four classifications impacted.

                                                                                                                                          — Jim Misunas