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Seniors shine in Panthers final home swim meet
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The Great Bend High School swim team held its final home swim meet of the season on Tuesday night, playing host to Hays, Haysville-Campus, McPherson and Junction City.
The Panthers took first place with 426 points, beating second-place Hays, who totaled 250 points.
“We really swam well today,” Great Bend head coach Steve Beaumont said. “Right from the beginning, we just seemed like we got on a roll. Several of our swimmers turned in season-best times and that is exactly what you want to see at this point in the season.”
Beaumont said that the relays made a splash.
“Our relays was a whole were really strong today,” Beaumont said. “I expected it to be close races between us, McPhersonand Haysville, and we ended up winning all three relays.”
Individually, Beaumont said that the seniors shined in their final home meet.
“Ian Sheppard swam really well,” Beaumont said. “Josh Prescott had two personal-best times tonight. It was senior recognition night and the seniors had a great day, so it was good for a last home meet.”

Great Bend High School swim meet
Team results

1. Great Bend, 426; 2. Hays, 250; 3. Haysville Campus, 237; 4. McPherson, 199; 5. Junction City, 128.
Great Bend results
200-yard Medley relay

1. GBHS “A” relay (Justin Kuhlman, Kyle Bussen, Kort Cook, Josh Prescott), 1:52.68; 5. GBHS “B” relay (Ky Heeke, Nick Elliot, Jonathan Baker, Kyle Riggs), 2:06.38; 7. GBHS “C” relay (Tristan Yount, Cory Merten, Nathan Brungardt, Jacob Simmons), 2:17.66.
200 Freestyle
2. Kade Cook, 2:01.92; 3. Ian Sheppard, 2:02.64; 5. Nick Moyers, 2:19.48; Kyle Bussen, 2:19.16; Jake Kohman, 2:40.22.
200 IM
1. Kort Cook, 2:17.00; 4. Jacob Simmons, 2:41.94; 5. Nathan Brungardt, 2:45.16; Cory Merten, 2:56.27.
50 Freestyle
1. Justin Kuhlman, 24.34; 3. Ky Heeke, 25.51; 6. Dylan Dreiling, 26.16; Andrew Koster, 29.23; Tristan Yount, 29.56; R.J. Seidel, 30.94.
100 Butterfly
1. Kade Cook, 1:00.33; 2. Ian Sheppard, 1:01.60; 8. Nathan Brungardt, 1:19.90; Jacob Simmons, 1:20.53.
100 Freestyle
1. Ky Heeke, 55.10; 2. Josh Prescott, 55.59; 5. Dylan Dreiling, 57.49; Jonathan Baker, 1:00.66; Nick Elliott, 1:02.45; Kyle Riggs, 1:04.86; R.J. Seidel, 1:09.21.
500 Freestyle
2. Justin Kuhlman, 5:36.53; 6. Nick Moyers, 6:29.63; 8. Cory Merten, 6:59.11; Jake Kohman, 7:41.74.
200 Freestyle relay
1. GBHS “A” relay (Kade Cook, Josh Prescott, Dylan Dreiling, Ian Sheppard), 1:38.01; 5. GBHS “B” relay (Ky Heeke, Nick Elliott, Kyle Bussen, Jonathan Baker), 1:47.30; 10. GBHS “C” relay (Jacob Simmons, Jake Kohman, Austin Levingston, Paden Thonrburgh), 2:09.76.
100 Backstroke
2. Kort Cook, 59.85; 3. Josh Prescott, 1:10.40; 7. Tristan Yount, 1:21.33; Andrew Koster, 1:22.29.
100 Breaststroke
5. Kyle Bussen, 1:22.87; 6. Nick Elliott, 1:22.89; 9. Kyle Riggs, 1:28.06; Austin Levingston, 2:00.05.
400 Freestyle relay
1. GBHS “A” relay (Justin Kuhlman, Ian Sheppard, Kort Cook, Kade Cook), 3:38.90; 2. GBHS “B” relay (Dylan Dreiling, Nick Moyers, Cory Merten, Jonathan Baker), 4:03.90; GBHS “C” relay (Andrew Koster, Nathan Brungardt, R.J. Seidel, Tristan Yount), 4:43.39.