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Stafford JV Wrestling Results
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106—Dylan Carrier, HHS def. Owen Porter, Douglass, 6-4; Carrier, HHS def. Alessia Cokeley, Douglass, 15-7; Ceasar Barrera, Liberal def. Dylan Carrier, HHS; Carrier, HHS, def. Mitch Gould Wellington, 4-0; 1st Place—Carrier, HHS, def. Kadin Harris, Liberal, 8-3
120A—Daniel Nieman, Andale pinned Trey Byers, HHS, 0:28; Jose Lopez, Liberal pinned Byers, HHS, 1:17; Daniel Schmidt, Wellington def. Byers, HHS; Jonathan Ahring, Lincoln def. Byers, HHS, 6-2; Preston Craig, Newton, pinned Byers, HHS, 0:33
138A—Owen Kruger, Lincoln pinned Nicholas Long, HHS, 0:30; Jacob Hanrahan, GB pinned Long, HHS, 3:57; Braden Miller, Newton pinned Long, HHS, 2:26; Will Mass, Pratt pinned Long, HHS; Emanuel Rivera, Liberal pinned Long, HHS, 1:07
145—Robert Fitchner, Liberal def. Jack Williams, HHS, 16-2; Williams, HHS def. Edward Vanarsdale, Douglass, 3-1; Dalton Johnson, Buhler pinned Williams, HHS, 1:55; 5th Place—James Harris, Newton, pinned Williams, HHS
145—Dante Urban, 3rd; Urban, HHS, def. Sean Layton, Clearwater, 7-2; Urban, HHS def. James Harris, Newton, 5-4; Robert Fitchner Liberal pinned Dante Urban, HHS; 3rd Place—Urban, HHS def. Layton Clearwater, 4-0
152—Brinntain Noah, 2nd; Noah, HHS, pinned Kaden Pichler, Douglass, 1:15; Noah, HHS pinned Hunter Britt, GB, 0:31; Noah, HHS pinned Matt Kirkendall, Lincoln 0:51; Noah, HHS pinned Matt Whitsitt, Hesston, 0:49; Austin Gehring, Newton, pinned Noah, HHS
152B—Ethan Nichols, 5th; Dante Harper, Newton pinned Nichols, HHS; Jack Moss, Douglass pinned Nichols, HHS; Philip Gift,, Stafford, def. Nichols, HHS, 8-5; Nichols, HHS, def. Lyric Gonsalve, Clearwater 2-0; Nichols, HHS, pinned Jonathan Reed, Buhler, 1:14
195A—Justin Umphrey, 3rd; Umphrey, HHS, pinned Chris Cooprider, Pratt; Zack Ledford, Hesston, def. Justin Umphrey, HHS, 3-2; Umphrey, HHS pinned Daniel Schule, Clearwater, 0:27; Trace Shultz,, Stafford, def. Umphrey, HHS, 5-1
285A—Trevar Younger, 5th; Joacquin Sanchez, Newton pinned Younger, HHS; Jonathan Cole, Buhler def. Younger, HHS, 5-1; Younger, HHS pinned Tristan Heine, GB, 1:42; 5th Place—Younger, HHS pinned Matthew Davis, Newton
285A—Brody Nicholas, 3rd; Nicholas, HHS, pinned Matthew Davis, Newton; Timothy Farmer, Douglass, pinned Nicholas, HHS, 0:13; Joacquin Sanchez, Newton, pinned Nicholas, HHS; 3rd Place—Nicholas, HHS, pinned Jonathan Cole, Buhler
285B—Colin Hinds, 2nd; Hinds, HHS, pinned Connor Snell, Clearwater; Hinds, HHS, pinned Tate May, Andale 0:53; Hinds , HHS, pinned Brecken Wedel, Newton, 1:22; Hinds , HHS, won by over Chase Mueller, Ellsworth, 0:57; 1st Place—Kaden Schroeder, GB def. Hinds, HHS, 6-2
132A—Xavier Perez, Liberal pinned Schouten, Stafford, 1:37; Kayla Tran, Liberal def. Schouten, Stafford, 9-2; Clinton James, Pratt pinned Schouten, Stafford, 0:41; Cody Hazelton, Hesston pinned Schouten, Stafford, 0:32; Hunter Popkey, Buhler pinned Coben Schouten, Stafford, 0:46
152B—Philip Gift, 2nd; Gift, Stafford def. Jack Moss Douglass, 5-1; Gift, Stafford pinned Jonathan Reed Buhler; Gift, Stafford, def. Ethan Nichols Hoisington, 8-5; Harper Newton def. Philip Gift, Stafford, 6-2; Gift, Stafford pinned Lyric Gonsalve, Clearwater
170A—Laithen Shocklee, 1st; Shocklee, Stafford pinned Jadyn Schulte, Clearwater, 1:45; Shocklee, Stafford pinned Trevor Seiler, Andale 1:45; Shocklee, Stafford def. Zachary Dressler, Douglass, 6-2
182B—Nick Robertson, Stafford pinned Brendan Harabuda, Douglass 1:30; Eli McMullin Newton pinned Robertson, Stafford, 1:18; Bryce Quick Cheney pinned Robertson, Stafford, 1:44; Ryan Vogel Clearwater pinned Robertson, Stafford
195A—Trace Shultz, 1st; Shultz, Stafford pinned Daniel Schulte, Clearwater, 1:18; Shultz, Stafford pinned Zack Ledford, Hesston 1:12; Shultz, Stafford pinned Chris Cooprider Pratt 0:29; Shultz, Stafford def. Justin Umphrey, HHS, 5-1