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Stafford Trojan, St. John Tiger earn state golf medals
marshall woolf stafford
Stafford's Marshall Woolf

DODGE CITY — It was a good day for the Woolfs at the 1A state golf championship at Mariah Hills Golf Course.
Stafford’s Marshall Woolf earned a 17th-place state medal (92) to lead the Trojans.
St. John Tiger sophomore Austin Woolf rallied for a 94 that earned a 20th-state medal. Austin Woolf finished in a four-way tie for 20th medal, but all the players earn a state medal. Woolf rallied from back-to-back 8s on the back nine and finished 5-over on his final five holes.
The Tigers finished eighth (388) in their third consecutive trip to the state golf tournament. The Tigers also counted scores by 29th-place Braden Witt (97); 30th-place Luke Mercer (98) and 33rd-place Mason Osborne (99). Clayton Brummer (103) and Quincy Smith (109) also competed.
Atwood-Rawlins County (347) captured the 1A state title ahead of runner-up Frankfort (362).

Mariah Hills GC, par 71
1—Atwood Rawlins Co. 347
2—Frankfort 362
3—Osborne 376
4—Hutchinson Central Christian 377
5—Pretty Prairie 382
5—Coldwater-So. Central 382
7—Montezuma So. Gray 383
8—St. John 388 (20—Austin Woolf, 45-49—94; 30—Luke Mercer, 48-50—98; 33—Mason Osborne, 51-48—99; 57—Clayton Brummer, 54-49—103; 67—Quincy Smith, 51-58—109.
9—Centralia 396
9—Stockton 396
11—Wallace Co. 400
12—Burrton 415

1—Brady Beougher, Stockton, 38-40—78
2—Steele Wolters, Osborne. 41-38—79
3—Eli Bullinger, South Gray, 41-40—81
4—Austin Hardwick, Frankfort, 40—42—82
5—Kendrick Woody, Rawlins Co. 41-42—83
6—Marshall Walton, Central Christian, 41-45—86
7—Jerry Oelschlager, Rawlins Co. 43-43—86
8—Dalton Morehead, So. Central, 47-40—87
9—Maverick Green, Rawlins Co. 42-47—89
10—Braden Leitner, Rawlins Co. 42-47—89
11—Tyler Nisly, Pretty Prairie, 48-41—89
12—Ismael Rosas, So. Gray, 47-42—89
13—Josh Tynon, Frankfort, 46-44—90
13—Trae Gehring, P. Prairie 43-47—90
13—Jose Chavez, Greeley Co. 44-46—90
16—Reilly Tobias, Hutchinson-CC 44-47—91
17—Marshall Woolf, Stafford, 43-49—92
17—Cooper Zehr, Burrton, 45-47—92
19—Tristen Bruckner, So. Central, 45-48—93
20—Austin Woolf, St. John, 45-49—94
20—Call Kellenberger, Ashland, 47-47—94
20—Nathan Haufler, Centralia, 48-46—94
20—Aiden Gerstner, Frankfort, 50-44—94
24—Brandon Befort, Osborne, 47-49—96
24—Bryce Meacham, Burrton, 50-46—96
24—Wyatt Mong, Wheatland, 47-49—96
24—Branden Bussmann, Frankfort, 47-49—96
29—Braden Witt, St. John, 50-47—97
30—Luke Mercer, St. John, 48-50—98
30—Zane Kay, Ashland, 53-45—98
30—Cauy Hayes, Rawlins Co. 48-50—98
33—Kenton Talley, Centralia, 52-47—99
34—Nathan Rempe, Centralia, 54-45—99
34—Kolten Neill, Hartford, 45-54—99
34—Kade Miller, Osborne, 51-48—99
34—Connor Langlais, Central Christian, 47-52—99
40—Clifton Miller, South Gray, 48-52—100
40—Nathan Martin, So. Central, 45-55—100
40—Aaron Hahn, Stockton, 48-52—100
40—Spencer Dressman, Frankfort, 52-48—100
Chandler Van Allen, Wallace Co. 49-51—100
45—Zane Allen, Hutchinson CC, 49-52—101
45—Andrew Brewer, Pretty Prairie, 51-50—101
45—Brenan Dixson, Rawlins Co. 53-48—101
45—Andrew Noone, Wallace Co. 51-50—101
45—Dawson Sedlacek, Hanover, 51-50—101
50—Brandon Anderson, Frankfort, 51-51—102
50—Lucas Detter, P. Prairie, 54-48—102
50—Quinn Coffey, Stockton, 54-48—102
50—Kobe Hoover, Washington Co. 54-48—102
50—Logan Corbett, Osborne, 54-48—102
50—Landon Uhl, So. Central, 49-53—102
57—Clayton Brummer, St. John, 54-49—103
57—Elias Jirak, Centre, 51-52—103
57—Seth Johnson, Wallace Co. 59-44—103
57—Brian Meyers, Burrton, 51-52—103
57—Chance Smith, Chetopa, 50-53—103
62—Trent Mars, Centralia, 51-53—104
63—Lathe Watkins, Osborne, 54-51—105
64—Sam Kauffman, Central Christian, 53-53—106
65—Devin Dunn, So. Central, 54-53—107
65—Evan Crotinger, Greeley Co. 53-54—107
67—Quincy Smith, St. John, 51-58—109
67—Ethan Beckman, Wheatland, 54-55—109
67—Zachary Bruna, Hanover, 54-55—109
67—Jordan Chaney, Wallace Co. 54-55—109
67—Kelsey Hackney, So. Central, 52-57—109
67—Kyler Haffner, Wheatland, 57-52—109
67—Lance Kaser, Osborne, 53-56—109
74—Jon Foster, Ashland, 54-57—111
75—Tom Kaberline, Onaga, 51-61—112
75—Nation Unruh, Central Christian, 59-53—112
77—Ethan Reed, South Gray, 58-55—113
78—Pepe Cardenas, Washington Co. 54-60—114
79—Jeremy Penix Centralia, 61-54—115
80—Isaac Reed, Stockton, 59-57—116
81—Max Caldwell, Peabody, 58-59—117
81—Connor Schwartz, P. Prairie, 58-59—117
83—Carlin Springsteel, Wallace Co. 57-62—119
83—Taylor Koehn, So. Gray, 59-60—119
85—Stone Torres, South Gray, 56-64—120
86—Zeb Cole Stockton, 64-58—122
87—Gage Conyac Stockton, 59-65—124
87—Connor Linenberger, Washington Co. 62-62—124
87—Troy Matlack Burrton, 63-61—124