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Three Great Bend wrestlers unbeaten in dual matches
Valley Center Tournament
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VALLEY CENTER — Great Bend High wrestlers Cody Liles (132), Keaton Sander (138) and Christian Rivas (170) each won five matches at the Valley Center dual matches. Three-time state qualifier Liles and Sander are ranked third and Rivas is ranked sixth in Class 5A. Sander earned a 3-2 overtime victory over Wichita Carroll’s Connor Murphy, ranked sixth in Class 5A.
Great Bend finished 1-4 in the dual matches, beating Emporia 42-36 and losing to Wichita Carroll 46-29, Valley Center 62-15, KC Turner 42-27 and Team X 42-30. Three open weights cost the Panthers 18 points in most of the dual matches.
“We wrestled well overall,” said Great Bend coach Nathan Broeckelman. “Our overall individual records was 26-26, so we were very competitive. In two duals we lost we won the  same amount of matches or more, but the score came down to bonus points. We are looking forward to when we have our full team to see what we can do.”
At Salina, Great Bend’s Josh Hamilton (160) and Trey Hurd (170) placed first and Jacob Hanrahan (138), Hunter Britt (145), Braulio Vargas (160) and Blake Ridgel (170) placed runner-up at the Salina South Tournament.   
“I was very pleased with the results that we had in Salina considering most of our wrestlers our new to the sport,” Broeckelman said. “We have a lot of raw talent, so turning them into wrestlers will make us deep in our weight classes at the end of the year.”
106—Alex Anderson, E, forfeit
113—Diego Davila, E, pinned Sebastian  Sanchez, GB, 3:30
120—Hunter Williams, E, forfeit
126—Nilton Sandoval, E, def. Jonas Meeks, GB, 12-6
132—Cody Liles, GB, pinned Austin  Umana, E, 1:45
138—Keaton Sander, GB, pinned Kyle Justus, E, 3:21
145—Tyler Lindquist, E, def. Jeffrey Spragis, GB, 9-5
152—Anthony Delgado, E, pinned Ben Witte, GB, 1:05
160—Andrew Reed, GB, forfeit
170—Christian  Rivas, GB, pinned Luke Stone, E, 2:15
182—Keegan Bowman, GB, pinned Isi Trujillo, E, 4:58
195—Desmond Sandoval, E, forfeit
220—Sam Witte, GB, forfeit
285—Diego Vazquez, GB, forfeit

106—Colton Ensz WC, forfeit
113—Phillip Hoeng, WC, pinned Sanchez, GB, 1:47
120—Connor Ahistedt WC, forfeit
126—Sam Roy WC, pinned Meeks, GB, 0:17
132—Liles GB, def. Kyler McGlachlin, WC, 17-1
138—Sander GB, def. Connor Murphy, WC, 3-2, OT
145—Konnor Dugan WC, pinned Spragis, GB, 0:40
152—Ryan Murphy WC, pinned Witte, GB, 2:34
160—Isaac Carillo WC, over Reed, GB, 16-6
170—Rivas GB, over Brady Bockover WC, 7-1
182—Bowman GB, over Dominic Davis, WC, 3:08
195—Robert Garcia WC, forfeit
220—Witte GB, pinned Sean Hallary, WC, 1:45
285—Noah Presson GB, forfeit

106—Johnny Hernandez, T, forfeit
113—Jose Nevarez, T, forfeit
120—Corbin Clark, T, forfeit
126—Omar  Talamantes, T, forfeit
132—Liles, GB pinned Tanner Sutton, T, 2:42
138—Sander, GB pinned Cameron Bates, T, 1:32
145—Egil Enriquez, T def. Spragis, GB, 12-7
152—Witte, GB over Shay Stroble, T, 1:27
160—Juleain  Winters, T def. Reed, GB, 13-4
170—Rivas, GB over Ricardo Yanez, T, 3-1
182—Jacob Smith, T pinned Keegan Bowman, GB, 1:38
220—Sam Witte, GB pinned Jordan Goff, T, 2:41
285—Arnez Dowdy, T def. Vazquez, GB, injury default

106—Devin Delforge, VC, forfeit
113—Carter Nold, VC, def. Sanchez, GB, 15-0
120—Michael Turkali, VC, forfeit
126—Seth Dillman, VC, forfeit
132—Liles, GB, def. Dallas  Boone, VC, 18-1
138—Sander, DB, pinned Tony Sanchez, VC, 1:20
145—Ryan Delforge, VC, over Spragis, GB, 0:50
152—Tyler Boone, VC, pinned Witte, GB, 1:10
160—Don Boone, VC, pinned Reed, GB, 1:10
170—Rivas, GB, def. Payton Stoffel, VC, 10-2
182—Sam Weldon, VC, pinned Bowman, GB, 1:54
195—Brett Hamm, VC, forfeit
220—Chase Holle, VC, over Witte, GB, 8-4
285—Tom Adams, VC, over Presson, GB, 2:43

106—Jayden Lauderbaugh, TEX, , forfeit
113—Josh Patch TEX, pinned  Sanchez, GB, 1:00
120—Alex Flores TEX, forfeit
126—Layton Lewis TEX, pinned Jonas Meeks, GB, 2:25
132—Liles GB, pinned Cayden Aikens, TEX, 4:54
138— Sander GB,  pinned Joey Rodriguez, TEX, 1:52
145—R.J. Hoyt TEX,  def. Spragis, GB, 4-3
152—Chase Rameriz TEX,  over Ben Witte, GB, 7-5
160—Reed GB,  over Tyler Knollenberg, TEX, 0:51
170—Rivas GB, pinned Kaden Lewis, TEX, 1:20
182—Kaleb Clubb TEX,  def. Bowman, GB, 3-2
195—Payton Watkins TEX, forfeit
220—Witte GB, forfeit
285—Chris Heirdwick TEX,  over Vazquez GB,  4-3

106A—Natalie Garza, GB; Kevin Dominguez, Beloit def. Garza, 11-3; Noah Brewster, Wichita Carroll def. Garza, 13-0; Sam Plummer, Minneapolis def.  Garza, 13-0; Alec Ngo, Concordia, pinned Garza, 0:15; Gus Haug, Abilene, def. Garza, 8-4
113—Skylar Burkas, GB, 4th; Jaleb Gann, Wichita Carroll def. Skylar Burkas, 12-5; Burkas def. Carson McMillan, Concordia, 6-5; 3rd Place—Travis Sisson, JC pinned Burkas, 2:04
138B—Jacob Hanrahan, GB, 2nd; Hanrahan pinned Gavin Favre, JC, 0:31; Daniel Mies, Wichita Carroll, pinned Hanrahan, 4:33; Hanrahan pinned Colin Griffith, Ellsworth, 1:27
138A—Quan Garcia, GB, 4th; Abdi-Akimov Dinmukhammed, Minneapolis, pinned Garcia, 4:47; Garcia pinned Keagan Steinmetz, Wichita Carroll, 0:34; Keaton Collie, Abilene, pinned Garcia, 3:44; Daniel Rodriguez, JC pinned Garcia, 1:00
145A—Hunter Britt, GB, 2nd; Britt pinned Zach Smith, Minneapolis, 1:00; Britt, def. A.J. McCormick, Wichita Carroll, 8-7; Tayquon Berry, JC, def. Britt, 5-1
152A—Jace Whetham, GB; Keagon Williamson, Minneapolis pinned Whetham, 0:49; Ryder Longnecker, Abilene, pinned Whetham, 2:45; Riley Renteria, Wichita Carroll, pinned Whetham, 1:20;  George McNabb, SS def. Whetham, 15-0; John Clark, JC, pinned Whetham, 0:16
160A—Aron  Reyes, GB, 4th; Reyes def. Kevin Murry, JC, 5-3; Trent Prothro, SC pinned Reyes, 4:11; Braulio Vargas, GB, pinned Reyes 2:55;  Braydon Conn, Beloit, pinned Reyes, 2:56
160A—Braulio Vargas, GB, 2nd; Vargas pinned Conn, Beloit, 1:30; Vargas def. Murry, JC< 14-10; Vargas pinned Aron  Reyes, GB, 2:55; Trent Prothro, SC pinned Vargas, 3:40
160B—Josh Hamilton, 1st; Hamilton pinned Wyatt Mader, Minneapolis, 0:59; Hamilton pinned Shane Bishop, Smoky Valley, 2:39
170—Trey Hurd, GB, 1st; Hurd, def. Jeremy Mosher, Beloit, injury; Hurd pinned Josh Stores, JC, 1:40; Hurd def. Calder McGivney, Abilene, injury; Hurd def. Blaine Burks, Beloit, 7-3; Hurd def. Blake  Ridgel, GB, 13-11
170—Blake Ridgel, GB, 2nd; Ridgel pinned Stores, JC, 3:58; Ridgel pinned McGivney, Abilene, 2:40 Burks, Beloit, def. Ridgel,15-6; Ridgel def. Mosher, injury; Hurd, GB, def. Ridgel, 13-11
182—Pablo Martinez, GB, 5th;  David Eke, JC, pinned Martinez, 2:49; River Paul, Beloit, pinned Martinez, 3:16; Jon Burks, Smoky Valley, pinned  Martinez, 0:26; Max Jenkins, JC, def. Martinez, 8-6; Martinez def.  Andrew Thorton, Minneapolis, 0:16
220A—Kaden Schroeder; Jayden Miller, SS pinned Schroeder, 1:58; Cole Butts, SC, def. Schroeder, injury; Logan Kadel, Beloit def. Schroeder, injury; Chance Kornick, Minneapolis def. Schroeder, injury; Mark Wells, JC, def. Schroeder, injury
285A—Tre Stephenson, GB; Stephenson pinned Spencer Einhaus, SS, 1:25; Chase Mueller, Ellsworth, def.  Stephenson, 9-3; Tristan Harder, SC, pinned Stephenson, 4:04; James Morrow, SC, def. Stephenson, 8-4; Chase Donovan, Minneapolis pinned Stephenson, 2:49
285B—Tristan Heine, GB, 3rd; Heine pinned Ramses Jimenez, SC, 4:13; Luis Sotelo, SC, pinned Heine, 0:17; Garrett Kimminau, Beloit, pinned Heine, 1:54; Heine pinned Noah Easter, Beloit, 2:33