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Two relays win at Ness City track
spt jm pawnee heights regan carlson bw
Pawnee Heights Tiger Regan Carlson

NESS CITY —The Pawnee Heights girls won the 3,200-meter relay and the Otis-Bison boys captured the 400-meter relay at Tuesday’s Ness City Track Invitational.
The Pawnee Heights girls (11:27.82) competed with Jaden Carlson, Madison Polson, Kylee Scott, Regan Carlson.
The Otis-Bison boys (47.05) ran with Blake Bahr, Daniel Scott, Maitland Wiltse and Anton Foust. Bahr placed second in the 100 (11.8).
Kade Scott placed second in the 800 (2:14.93) and long jump (19-6).

100m—1—Waldschmidt, Ellis, 13.3
200m—1—Waldschmidt, Ellis, 26.7; 6—Jaden Carlson, PH, 29.54
400m—1—Waldschmidt, Ellis, 1:02.17
800m—1—Eck, Ellis, 2:34.46
1,600m—1—Eck, Ellis, 5:52.37; 3—Regan Carlson, PH, 6:15.34; 6—Wiltse, OB, 6:35.89
3,200m—1—Regan Carlson, PH, 13:38.16; 2—Welsh, OB, 15:00.75
100m hurdles—1—Gleason, Kinsley, 16.2
300m hurdles—1—Gleason, Kinsley, 46.86
400m relay—1—Ellis, 52.21
1,600m relay—1—Kinsley, 4:28.67
3,200m relay—1—Pawnee Heights, 11:27.82 (Jaden Carlson, Madison Polson, Kylee Scott, Regan Carlson)
High jump—1—Klozenbucher, LaCrosse, 5-2
Long jump—1—Borrell, HC, 16-63/4; 4—Regan Carlson, PH, 16-21/4; 5—Jaden Carlson, PH, 4-103/4; 6—Miller, PH, 14-93/4
Triple jump— 1—Burton, Ellis, 36-5; 4—Miller, PH, 31-111/4; 6—Polson, PH, 31-51/2
Shot put— 1—Epperson, NC, 40-23/4; 6—Amspacker, PH, 31-91/2
Discus—1—Reiter, Ellis, 11-4
Javelin— 1—Epperson, NC, 118-5

100m—1—Jones, Ellis, 11.65; 2—Bahr, OB, 11.8
200m—1—Jones, Ellis, 23.2; 4—Foust, OB, 24.57
400m—1—Morgan, HC, 52.02
800m—1—Eck, Ellis, 2:12.49; 2—Scott, PH, 2:14.93; 5—Myers, PH, 2:19.98
1,600m—1—Shapland, Dighton, 5:06.16
3,200m—1—Whipple, Dighton, 12:23.64
100m hurdles—1—Heyen-Gerhardt, Kinsley, 17.04
300m hurdles—1—Heyen-Gerhardt, Kinsley, 43.06
400m relay—1—Otis-Bison, 47.05 (Blake Bahr, Daniel Scott, Maitland Wiltse, Anton Foust)
1,600m relay—1—Ellis, 3:36.29; 5—Otis-Bison, 3;55.25 (Foust, Bevan Gradig, Jacob Olivarez, Wiltse); 6—Pawnee Heights, 3:57.94 (Caleb Karst, Gage Myers, Jr. Cordero, Kade Scott)
3,200m relay—1—Dighton, 9:07.98; 4—Pawnee Heights, 10:01.55 (Myers, Cordero, Dalton Hamby, Scott)
High jump— 1—Morgan, HC, 6-4
c Long jump— 1—Rowe, Dighton, 20-13/4; 2—Scott, PH, 19-6; 4—Wiltse, OB, 19-21/4
Triple jump— 1—Morgan, NC, 42-11/4
Shot put— 1—Thielenhaus, LaCrosse, 51-1; 4—Higgason, OB, 42-9; 6—Hamby, PH, 42-2
Discus—1—Vandegrift, NC, 140-2; 3—Foust, OB, 126-1; 4—Higgason, OB, 118-3
Javelin— 1—Chacon, NC, 1660; 5—Karst, PH, 148-7