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Six Pack Volleyball Club closes season with three regionally-ranked teams
spt CP Six Pack
The regionally top-ranked 13-year-old Six Pack Volleyball Club team captured first place at a regional tournament on April 6-7. Top row from left, Breckyn Rowley, Trista Wilt, Baylee Holecek and Abby McReynolds. Bottom row, Baylee Beck, Taylor Oeser, Jade Mountain and Camryn Dunekack. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

The Six Pack Volleyball Club finished their long season with three of their teams ranked No. 1 in their age groups of their region.
A 10-, 12- and 13-year-old team claimed the top spot. The volleyball club has more than one team in the 10-under and 13-and-under age groups.
Each age group has anywhere from 84 to 189 teams. The rankings are based on the teams’ record, as well as the competition played.
A 14-year-old team was ranked in the top 3 all season and a second 10-year-old team was No. 4 all season.
The top-ranked 12-and-under team and the high-ranking 14-year-old team competed in a regional tournament on March 23. Both teams advanced undefeated from pool play, but a snow storm prevented the finals from being played. Both teams finished tied for first place.
The top-ranked 13-year-old team compete in a regional tournament on April 6-7. They went undefeated in the tournament, seizing first place.
The second 10-and-under team ended their season ranked fourth, the 11-year-old team was 41st, the second 13-and-under team was 42nd, the second team of 14-year-olds were 57th and the 17-year-old team was 13th. There was a total of 70 athletes competing for four months on the nine Six Pack teams.