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So who said that?
Charlies Inside Corner
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Best to go right to the horse to find out, whichever end you prefer.
“The reality of it is we lost to a team that was better than us today and they certainly deserve to move on” said Kansas coach Bill Self. Wichita State wasn’t only better than Kansas on Sunday, it has had a better three-year stretch in the NCAA tournament than the Jayhawks. During that time KU is 4-3 in the tourney while Wichita State is 7-2 and counting.
NCAA men’s basketball officiating coordinator John Adams said about the goal tending call that handed UCLA a one-point victory over Larry Brown’s SMU team: “It looked a little bit off to the right, it’s touched..... . I don’t know how you’d know if it had hit the rim and if it had that it wouldn’t have bounced up and somehow worked its way in.” Yeah, right John and like Chicken Little said, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”
When asked by a reporter if he could recruit “one-and-done” talents to Wichita State, would he?,” coach Greg  Marshall responded, “That’s not something I have to worry about because I’ve never had a one-and-done guy really interested in our program.”
When quizzed about drugs in the sport of cycling, International Cycling Union President Brian Cookson said, “I do believe that there is still an endemic problem of lower-level doping throughout different levels of our sport. Gee Brian, and I bet you believe the sun comes up in the east too! It is common knowledge that cycling leaders LET doping flourish and broke their own rules so Lance Armstrong could become a superstar that cycling sorely needed.
West Virginia’s basketball coach Bob Huggins recruits a certain kind of player. Most of them come from rough backgrounds. Huggins says, “the majority of the guys I’ve had are those kind of guys, kids who had it tough growing up. They usually don’t have a dad calling me and telling me how to coach and the kids don’t call home and say, ‘Mommy, come and get me.”
Not many realize that “Huggy Bear” as he is affectionately known as in West Virginia, is 8-2 all-time versus Kentucky’s John Calipari as of Thursday evening. He has kind of taken the position of the now-deceased Jerry Tarkanian as a critic of the NCAA. Last week he mocked the NCAA for having the final game of Friday’s slate in Dayton end after 1 a.m. “Now you’ve got to remember this, it’s all for the betterment of the student-athlete,” Huggins said, hiding a smile. “That’s what the NCAA says.”
Kansas State finished their basketball season 15-17. Kansas State coach Bruce Weber said, “It was a disappointing end to a frustrating season. We were close but we just didn’t have it. It’s just a shame. We had enough tools to be better than we were.”
Dallas Cowboy fans are upset because All-Pro running back DeMarco Murray has left the Cowboys and signed with a rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Owner Jerry Jones is catching a lot of heat for the loss but listen to the words of Babe Laufenberg, a former Cowboys quarterback and now a color analyst on Dallas radio: “I do know this, Jerry has never lost a player he really wanted to keep!”
Gonzaga-do you remember when a Zags win was called an upset?-is back in the NCAA tournament for the 17th consecutive time with five Sweet 16 appearances under coach Mark Few but they have never reached the Final Four. That fact is not lost on coach Few. “It’s a very valid point but it’s like saying Cindy Crawford has a mole. Well, yes, she does but is that REALLY the part you want to focus on?”
And who’s that nut that picked Villanova to win it all?

Charles Tabler is a contributing writer from Larned.