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Special equipment approved for hunting coyotes at night in Kansas

PRATT – In a 5-2 vote, Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commissioners passed a regulation change that will allow hunters to use artificial light and thermal-imaging equipment when hunting coyotes at night beginning in 2021. Once the regulation is implemented, interested hunters must purchase a Night Vision Equipment Permit, $2.50, to use artificial light, scopes and equipment that amplify visible light, and thermal-imaging scopes and thermal-imaging equipment, when hunting coyotes at night, with the following restrictions:

• Use of this equipment will be permitted from Jan. 1 to March 31 only;

• Use of this equipment will require a hunter to possess a Night Vision Equipment Permit, $2.50;

• Use of this equipment will be permitted for hunting coyotes only;

• Use of a vehicle when hunting with this equipment is prohibited;

• Use of this equipment will not be permitted on department lands and waters, including WIHA and iWIHA properties.

“The amount of public input we’ve received on this proposed regulation change was truly impressive,” said Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Secretary Brad Loveless. “It just goes to show that, as a state agency, we make better decisions when we take good data, consult with our subject matter experts, and invite the public to provide their experience and insights. I’m pleased with this process and believe this will expand opportunities for hunters, and will benefit our ranching community, as well.”

The new Night Vision Equipment Permit will be valid beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Until then, hunters must observe all current laws and regulations pertaining to the use of special equipment and hunting coyotes (see for details).

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