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LARNED — The Donald Sterling saga continues.
In interviews this week he apologized, sort of, but also spent a lot of time questioning Magic Johnson’s part in all of this.
That got me to thinking, “Johnson does seem to be hanging around this story a lot.”
Kind of like a buzzard circling a dying animal.  
Johnson was a focal part of the original flap between Sterling and his girlfriend. Following Sterling’s outburst, Johnson was quoted as saying “I’ll never attend another Clippers game as long as Sterling is the owner.”
Yet, there he was Sunday afternoon at courtside, preening for the cameras, alongside NBA commissioner Adam Silver.  
Strange, very strange.
Something stinks here.
The Kansas Jayhawks basketball program missed out on one of the top recruits when Myles Turner, a 6-foot-11 center, opted to sign with Texas and Rick Barnes.
Even that signing didn’t have the national media showing Barnes much respect. Sports Illustrated had this to say following Turner’s signing, “Even Barnes may not be able to stop Texas from winning it all now.”
Golden Belt area high school athletes continue to impress.
Ellinwood’s Brooke Panning is the Class 2A state leader in the 400-meter dash.
On the boys side of the slate, Brandon Ball of Hoisington leads 3A pole vaulters and Macksville’s Isaac Seibert is the 1A leader.
Great Bend’s muscleman, Jayce Brack leads 5A in the Shot Put.
Tyler Espinosa of Kinsley has the best time in the 2A 300M hurdles, and Kyle Oglesbee of Ellinwood continues to be the best in the state in 2A in the 800M. His times are very nearly the best in all classes.
“The man who complains about how the ball bounces is usually the one who dropped it.” Lou Holtz.
Kudos to Elin Nordegren.
Who’s that you ask?  
Elin is Tiger Woods’ ex.
This past week she graduated from college. The former Swedish model graduated with a 3.96 GPA from Rollins Co Hamilton Holt School in Winter Park, Fla.
It took her nine years to do it, mixing in raising two children and the whole Tiger Woods drama. That , my friends, is a birdie for sure!
Do you remember when we all wished, “Gee, if the Royals could only play .500 baseball?”
Well, here we are and it is hard to find anyone that is happy about it.
Ah, the fickle fan.
Unfulfilled expectations.  
If it weren’t for those darned Detroit Tigers our Royals would be higher in the standings.
The Boys in Blue just can’t find a way to beat the Tigers’ ace, Scott Verlander. Then again, neither can most all other teams.
Do the Royals have one of those 10 or 12 game winning streaks in them? That’s what it is going to take to light a fire under this fan base.
Oregon State athletic director Bob DeCarolis has chutzpah.
He added to the nation’s unemployment roles this week when he fired Craig Robinson as men’s basketball coach.
So what, you ask?
Robinson is Michelle Obama’s brother. Much was made of his hiring by Oregon State but a 93-104 record over six years took him down.  
Do you suppose he will be covered by Obamacare now?
It was a HO-HUM draft for the Kansas City Chiefs.
Having no second-round pick after the 2013 Alex Smith trade, the Chiefs didn’t have a lot of options.
They needed a top receiver and didn’t get one.
The first-round pick of Dee Ford from Auburn will provide depth-something painfully lacking last year-at the defensive end position.
Other than that the most exciting thing that happened was the pick of De’Anthony Thomas from Oregon.
The kid is a flyer!
He will return kicks, play a little slotback and add some excitement to Alex Smith’s offense.
Jim Frey, former K.C. Royals manager, when asked what advice he gave George Brett on hitting, “I’d tell him ‘Attaway to hit, George.’”
Charles Tabler is a contributing writer from Larned.