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Two Panther girls earn first place medals
ridgeway escape.jpg
Great Bend High School’s Breanna Ridgeway escapes Garden City's rival Belle Hernandez during their 5A state finals matchup on Thursday night in Park City.

Two Panthers earn first-place medals

DODGE CITY – Great Bend Panthers Breanna Ridgeway and Jasalyn Vanaman captured first-place medals at the Dodge City Wrestling Tournament. Great Bend tied for second with 129 points behind champion Emporia (143.5).

Breanna Ridgeway (19-0, 132) downed Haley Ramos (1:42). Jasalyn Vanaman (4-0, 170) pinned teammate Kynslee White in 2:29 for the championship.

Panther Haylee Holinde (12-4, 191) was runner-up with a loss in 1:51 to Pratt’s Ava Thompson. Placing third were Daizy Gomez (17-4, 126) and Sierra Ferguson (18-4, 143).


TEAM SCORES—1—Emporia 143.5; 2—Dodge City 129; 3—Great Bend 129; 4—Pratt 125.5; 5—Gardner Edgerton 103.5; 6—Canyon, texas 103; 7—Valley Center 68; 8—Manhattan 50; 9—Goddard 48; 10—Junction City 31; 11—Hoxie 23.5


109—Mayra Gonzalez (6-10), 7th; Gonzalez pinned Haeusler, Manhattan, 3:06; Hargrove, Canyon pinned Gonzalez, 0:15; Mannio, GE pinned Gonzalez, 0:52; 7TH—Gonzalez pinned Peck, VC, 1:36; Jenna Higgins (2-3), 10th; Thorne, Canyon pinned Higgins, 0:56; Herrman, Pratt pinned Higgins, 2:16; Higgins pinned McKayla Smith, GB, 0;18; Higgins pinned Serrano, JC, 1:22; 9th—Hittle, Canyon pinned Higgins, 2:12; Smith (1-12); Herrman, Pratt pinned Smith, 0:51; Thorne, Canyon pinned Smith, 0:23

115—Rosa Campos (13-8), 4th; Campos pinned Buitron, JC, 2:12; Campos pinned Feltman, Cimarron, 2:15; Felkins, Goddard pinned Campos, 1:55; Campos pinned Trojanowski, Manhattan, 0:45; Campos pinned Wright, Manhattan, 1:02; Hannah Crathorne (4-11), 11th; Kepler, GE pinned Crathorne, 0:35; Wright, Manhattan pinned Crathorne, 1:15; Ruiz, DC pinned Crathorne, 3:34; Buitron, JC pinned Crathorne, 0:58; Crathorne def. DeVargas, Canyon, 12-9

126—Daizy Gomez (17-4), 3rd; De La Rosa, DC pinned Gomez, 5:51; Gomez pinned Ramsay, VC, 0:18; Gomez pinned Caycedo, Manhattan, 0:53;Griffin, Emporia pinned Gomez, 1:16; Gomez pinned Raegan Ketch, GB, 0:27; Ketch (5-12), 5th; Caycedo pinned Ketch, 1:23; De La Rosa pinned Ketch, 1:18; Griffin pinned Ketch, 0:29; Ketch def. Ramsay, VC, injury

132—Breanna Ridgeway (19-0), 1st; Ridgeway pinned Vigil, Canyon, 0:36; Ridgeway pinned Heinz, DC, 0:11; Ridgeway pinned Rodriguez, DC, 0:52; 1ST—Ridgeway pinned Hailey Ramos, 1:42

138—Katie Kuhlman (7-6), 5th; Garcia, DC pinned Kuhlman, 4:46; Kuhlman pinned Stokes, VC, 2:20; Davis, GE pinned Kuhlman, 2:23; Kuhlman pinned Brownfield, Manhattan, 2:25; 5TH--Kuhlman pinned Primrose, Pratt, 3:58; Paige Sanders (6-5), 7th; Munoz, Emporia pinned Sanders, 2:51; Sanders pinned Bailey, JC, 2:38; Porsch, Hoxie def. Sanders, 20-5; Primrose pinned Sanders, 0:47 7TH—Sanders pinned Brownfield, 2:35

143—Sierra Ferguson (18-4), 3rd; Ferguson pinned Hernandez, DC, 0:42; Swift, Pratt pinned Ferguson, 3:23; Goodwin, Goddard pinned Ferguson, 1:51; Ferguson pinned Taylour Yoder, GB, 0:30; Ferguson pinned Tanaka, JC, 1:28; 143—Taylour Yoder (4-5), 5th; Goodwin pinned Yoder, 1:03; Tanaka def. Yoder, 8-4; Swift pinned Yoder, 0:30; Yoder def. Hernandez injury

155—Danica Cline (8-12), 10th; Konzem, GE pinned Cline, 0:24; Newton, Cimarron def. Cline,4-3; Cline pinned Lea Nokes, GB, 1:41; Cline pinned Brown, JC, 1:25; 9TH—Webb, Pratt pinned Cline, 2:29; Nokes (4-12), 14th; Newton pinned Nokes, 0:39; Konzem pinned Nokes, 2:00; 13TH—Baker, Pratt punned Nokes, 4:35; Laura Daniels (1-6); Arroyo, DC pinned Daniels, 0;22; Webb pinned Daniels, 3:35; Flores-Delgado, Emporia pinned Daniels, 1:01; Baker pinned Daniels, 0:51

170--Jasalyn Vanaman (4-0), 1st; Vanaman pinned Taylor, Pratt, 1:28; Vanaman pinned Rodriguez, Emporia, 1:18; Vanaman pinned Hampton, VC, 0:29; 1ST—Vanaman pinned Kynslee White, GB, 2:29;White pinned Hampton, 1:58; White pinned Taylor, 3:46; White pinned Rodriguez, 4:30

191—Haylee Holinde (12-4), 2nd; Holinde pinned Stokes, Manhattan, 0:34; Holinde pinned Craddock, Man, 1:53; 1ST—Ava Thompson, Pratt pinned Holinde, 1:51