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Panther girls win two divisions
spt_hg_Daizy Gomez (Great Bend) defeated Audrey Schwartz (Scott Community).jpg

MCPHERSON — No. 2 state-ranked Daizy Gomez (125) and Katie Kuhlman (130) earned first-place medals at Saturday’s McPherson Doug Kretzer Wrestling Invitational.

Gomez pinned Salina Central’s No. 4 ranked Lydia Dong (0:30) in the title match. Kuhlman pinned Kapaun Mt. Carmel’s Aalyra Arguelles (1:38) in the championship match.

Panthers Kaylea  McMullen (120) and Kirra Stevens (170) placed third. Karley Stukey (105) finished fourth, Braelyn Turner (125) and Josie Blevins (140) finished fourth. Alyvia Grabast (120) placed sixth.



105—Karley Stukey, GB, 4TH; Crabbs, Buhler pinned Stukey, 4:48; Stukey pinned Okemba, JC, 2:06; 3RD—Barringer, Kapaun pinned Stukey, 4:01

115—Torres, Newton pinned Hannah Crathorne, GB, 0:47; Jiminez, Hutchinson pinned Crathorne, 1:31

120—Kaylea  McMullen, GB, 3RD; McMullen def. Patterson, Mc, 6-2; Williamson, Bluestem pinned McMullen, 1:38; 3RD—McMullen def. Reed, SV 2-0; Alyvia Grabast, GB, 6TH; Grabast pinned Bohrer, SC, 1:11; Reed, SV pinned Grabast, 2:28; Grabast pinned Serrano, JC, 0:39; Grabast pinned Edwards, Newton, 0:17; 5TH—Patterson, McPherson pinned Grabast, 0:30

125—Daizy Gomez, GB, 1ST; Gomez pinned Schneider, Nickerson, 0:26; Gomez pinned Harder, Newton, 0:46; Gomez pinned Applegate, Buhler, 2:37; 1ST—Gomez pinned Lydia Dong, SC, 0:30; Braelyn Turner, GB, 5TH; Dong, SC pinned Turner, 1:01; Turner pinned Schneider, Nickerson, 0:25; Turner pinned Kutina, Mc, 0:59; 5TH—Turner pinned Hernandez , Hutchinson, 2:12

130—Katie Kuhlman, GB, 1ST; Kuhlman pinned Weibert, Abilene, 2:31; Kuhlman pinned Twitty, JC, 4:44; 1ST—Kuhlman pinned Aalyra Arguelles, Kapaun, 1:38

140—Josie Blevins, GB, 5TH; Green, Kapaun pinned Blevins, 2:44; Blevins pinned Peterson, Newton, 0:24; Blevins pinned Jaydon Davis, GB, 0:29; 5TH—Blevins pinned Cummins, Mc, 1:38; Tanaka, JC pinned Davis 2:42; Davis pinned Alondra Vazquez, GB, 0:40; Parks, Buhler pinned Gabriella Flores, GB, 0:51; Flores pinned Jaylen Ayala, GB, 2:43; Cummins, Mc pinned Flores, 2:41; Sanders, Hutchinson pinned Vazquez, 5:06; Green, Kapaun pinned Ayala, 1:23

145—Foulk, Carroll pinned Melissa Martinez, GB, 3:14; Gossman, JC pinned Martinez, 1:16; 5TH—Welling, Chapman pinned Martinez, 0:37

155—Wilson, Mc pinned Alyssa Pio, GB, 0:21; Spear, Mc pinned Pio,  2:46; Murry, Newton def. Paige Sanders, GB, 8-2; Okafor, Kapaun pinned Sanders, 1:44

170—Kirra Stevens, GB, 3RD; Stevens pinned Kutina, Mc, 1:48; Stevens pinned Bornholdt, Hutchinson, 1:38; Edwards, Newton def. Stevens, 6-4; 3RD—Stevens def. Reimler, Ell-Saline, 9-8; Edwards, Newton pinned Marissa Esparza, GB; Esparza pinned Brown, JC, 3:45; Clark, JC pinned Esparza, 2:06; Johns, Minneapolis pinned Lea Nokes, GB, 3:03; Nokes def. Gonzales, Mc, 4-0; Nokes pinned Ogden, Abilene, 4:42; Nokes pinned Bornholdt, Hutchinson, 3:38; 5TH—Nokes def. Kutina, MC, 5-2

190—Scholander, RH pinned Betsy Ramirez Hernandez, GB, 0:41;  Shipman, Chapman pinned Ramirez Hernandez, 3:15



113—Aaron Ramirez, GB pinned Tran, Newton; 0:55; Ramirez def. Smith. Buhler, 9-0

124—Zaiden Burkes, GB pinned Beatty, GE, 3:26; Lipinski, Carroll def. Burkes, 6-3

129—Elbert, Mc def. Caidynn Melton, 10-9; Melton pinned Rodriguez, 2:49

129—Gonzales, Abilene pinned Luis Gonzalez, GB, 1:43; Beyer, Newton pinned Gonzalez, 0:23

148—Cesar, Nickerson pinned Kai Britt, GB, 0:44; Mesker, Carroll pinned Britt, 0:23

150—Engle, Buhler def. Stephen Calderwood, GB, 7-0; Grey, GE pinned Calderwood, 1:47

154—Cruz Folk-Robinson, GB pinned  Ross, GE, 1:13; Graham, Hutchinson pinned Cruz Folk-Robinson, GB, 2:30

157—Torres, Newton  pinned  Kenton Grauerholz, GB, 0:53; Grauerholz pinned Meade, Abilene, 0:21

161—Johnston Newton pinned  Nathan Campbell, GB, 0:39; Zeller, SV pinned Campbell, 1:48

215—Gonzalez, Newton pinned Ryder Morris, GB, 2:56; Morris pinned Pride. Nickerson. 0:55

241—Maddix Pokorski, GB pinned Torrez, Newton, 0:25; Perry, Hutchinson def. Pokorski, 12-5

285—Pittman, Carroll pinned Jordan Angel, GB, 1:54; Umana, Newton pinned Angel,  0:52

246—Blake Davis, GB pinned Leyva, Carroll, 0:37; Davis pinned Leyva,  0:36