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Two Panther champions lead six qualifiers
Bre Ridgeway2
Great Bend Panther No. 1 ranked Breanna Ridgeway (126) battles Garden City's No. 6 ranked Belle Hernandez. Ridgeway pinned Hernandez (2:58). - photo by Jim Misunas, Great Bend Tribune


DODGE CITY –  Great Bend’s regional champions Breckyn Elliott (101) and Breanna Ridgeway (126) led six Panther girls qualifiers for substate wrestling.

No. 1 ranked Elliott defeated Liberal’s Mana Chanthasone 11-4 in the finals. No. 1 Ridgeway pinned Garden City’s Belle Hernandez (5:05).

Also qualifying for substate are runner-up No. 6 Daizy Gomez (120); third-place No. 4 Lexi Deines (132), third-place Sierra Ferguson (138) and fourth-place Alyssa Hinderliter (170).

Dodge City’s Ariana DeLaRosa defeated Gomez 4-0 for first place. Deines pinned Dodge City’s Leslie Garcia (1:23) for third place. Ferguson defeated Garden Cty’s Bethanie Cruz 8-6 for third place.

Newton’s Nancy Edwards edged Hinderliter 3-0 for third place.

Also competing were fifth-place Ashlyn Weber (115), fifth-place Dakota Baldwin (191); sixth place Taylour Yoder (143) and sixth-place Jasalyn Vanaman (155).

The top four finishers in each weight class qualify for wrestling substate at Wichita Heights Feb. 19.


101—No. 1 Breckyn Elliott, GB; Amara Ehsa, Derby def. Chloe Sullivan, GC, 16-13; Mana Chanthasone, Liberal pinned Makayla Cushenberry, Andover, 2:00; No. 6 Larisa Garcia, Wichita North pinned Stephanie Ortega DC, 4:57

120—No. 4 Kate Jennings, SC pinned Kamryn Foster, GC, 0:44; No. 6 Daizy Gomez, GB pinned Elaina Cox, Wichita South, :1:18;; No. 5 Ariana DeLaRosa, DC pinned Sam Kowalski, Wichita South, 1:16; Karina Meneses, Wichita Heights, 13-6 vs. Addison Otte, Hays, 13-12

126—No. 1 Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 30-0 vs. Zahirah Tanaka, JC, 10-19; No. 4 Lydia Dong, SC, 21-6 vs. Monica Abrea, DC, 4-18; No. 6 Belle Hernandez, GC, 13-5 vs. Jordan Burford, AC, 9-11; Diana Colchado, Wichita North, 23-4 vs. Kay Dees, Hays, 3-12

132—No. 2 Anjelina Serrano, GC, 14-3; No. 4 Lexi Deines, GB, 23-7 vs. Jaycee Tyler, Wichita North, 9-9; Alex LaForge, Wichita South, 15-2 vs. Leslie Garcia, DC, 6-7; No. 3 Meritza Jimenez, Hutchinson, 5-2 vs. Maddie Snowbarger, Derby, 1-4

138—No. 2 Xara Bacci, AC, 8-3 vs. Bethanie Cruz, GC, 11-8; No. 3 Cheyenne Blackwood, VC, 21-4 vs. Brooke Swango, JC, 12-6;  No. 5 Dayanara Garcia, DC, 22-5 vs. Ashley Lawler, SS, 4-12; Sierra Ferguson, GB, 20-14 vs. Sandra Arellano, Wichita North, 22-8

170—No. 4 Makayla Anderson, SC, 12-7 vs. Nancy Edwards, Newton, 7-7; No. 5 Jolette Almaraz, DC, 12-2 vs. Jessi Bernal, Campus, 4-5; Ryleigh Kurtz, VC, 15-9 vs. Egypt Allan, Wichita SE, 18-9;  Trinity Williams, Wichita South, 14-10 vs. Alyssa Hinderliter, GB, 9-16


TEAM SCORES—1—Dodge City 179;2—Garden City 162; 3—Great Bend 117; 4—Hays High 67; 5—Valley Center 58; 6—Wichita West 43; 7—Goddard 42; 8—Newton 38; 9—Liberal 34; 10—Hutchinson 23; 11--Goddard Eisenhower 18


101—No. 1 Breckyn Elliott, GB, 1st; Elliott def. Ortega DC, 6-2; 1ST—Elliott def. Mana Chanthasone, Liberal, 11-4

115—Ashlyn Weber, GB, 5th; Felkins Goddard pinned Ashlyn Weber 0:54; Alonzo DC, pinned Weber 3:20; 5TH—Weber pinned Chartier, Hays 1:40

120—No. 6 Daizy Gomez, GB, 2nd; Gomez pinned Otte Hays, 0:54; 1ST—Ariana DeLaRosa, DC def. Gomez, 4-0

126—No. 1 Breanna Ridgeway, GB, 1st; Ridgeway pinned Abrea, DC, 0:33; 1ST—Ridgeway pinned Belle Hernandez, GC, 5:05

132—No. 4 Lexi Deines, GB, 3rd; Jimenez, Hutchinson pinned Deines, 2:43; 3RD—Deines pinned Leslie Garcia DC, 1:23

138—Sierra Ferguson, GB, 3rd; Ferguson pinned Trissal NW, 2:00; Blackwood, VC pinned Ferguson, 5:37; 3RD—Ferguson def. Bethanie Cruz, GC, 8-6

143—Taylour Yoder, GB, 6th; Lohmeyer, Hays pinned Yoder 1:40; Serrano GC, pinned Taylour Yoder, 0:58; 5TH—Budde, Newton pinned Yoder, 1:46

155—Jasalyn Vanaman, GB, 6th; Guzman, GC, pinned Vanaman 0:24; Murry, Newton def. Vanaman, 7-0; 5TH—Burton, Hays pinned Vanaman 2:28

170—Alyssa Hinderliter, GB, 4th; Edwards, Newton def. Hinderliter, 8-0;Hinderliter pinned Rhoades GC, 1:55; 3RD—Nancy Edwards, Newton def. Hinderliter, 3-0

191—Dakota Baldwin, GB, 5th; Torres, Liberal pinned Baldwin, 1:01; Thomas NW, pinned Baldwin 3:32