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Wahlmeier leads Panther tennis

Panthers’ Wahlmeier places fourth

GARDEN CITY — Great Bend’s Kaylin Wahlmeier won two of four matches to place fourth at Saturday’s Garden City Tennis Invitational. Scott City’s Malorie Cupp downed Wahlmeier 8-3 for third place. Panther Lakyn Smith finished 2-2 with a seventh-place win over Liberal’s Katie Claussen on an injury.

Panthers Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley won two of four matches and placed 11th with a 8-6 victory over Garden City’s Haley Brown/Sofia Madillo. Panthers Clarise Snapp/Mackenzie LaViolette placed 15th with a hard-fought 8-7 (8-6) tiebreaker over Ulyses’ Ximyna Rojas/Harley Ewalt.


TEAM TOTALS—1—Garden City White 89; 2—Dodge City 84; 3—Hays High 63; Colby 63; 5—Great Bend 58; 6—Scott City 54; 7—Liberal 37; 8—Garden City Brown 35; 9—Ulysses 24; 10—Extra team 17; 11—Meade 12

SINGLES—1—Sydney Nanninga, GCW def. Flaminia Lepri, DC, 8-2; 3—Malorie Cupp, SC def. Kaylin Wahlmeier, GB, 8-3; 5—Alivia Palmer, GCW def. America Gamez, DC, 8-1; 7—Lakyn Smith, GB def. Katie Claussen, L, injury; 9—Paige DeGood, Colby def. Bella Ayala, GCB, 8-4; 11—Katrina Delimont, H def. Haleigh Hickert, SC, 8-5; 13—Paige Chappel, GCB def. Brit Leiker, H, 8-6; 15—Anissa Terrazas, U def. Gabby Griffin, Colby, 8-3

Wahlmeier def. Delimont, 8-3; Wahlmeir def. Palmer, 8-3; Lepri def. Wahlmeier, 8-3; Smith def. DeGood, 8-5; Lepri def. Smith, 8-0; Palmer def. Smith, 8-2   

DOUBLES—1—Quincy Nanninga/Kourtney Kneeland, GCW def. Danica Scheve/Kayler Wellbrock, H, 8-4; 3—Sam Diederic/Lexie Schroeder, Colby def. Olivia Buddy/annicka Hernandez, DC, 8-2; 5—Emily Estavane/Karen Lopez, DC def. Cassandra Zimmerman/Allison Zimmerman, Colby, 8-6; 7—Morgan Berry/Ava Neil, H def. Madison Roberts/Tatum Wells, SC, 8-0; 9—Danica Galia/Chloe Ptacek, GCW def. Lanee Harp/Arely Molina, L, 8-1; 11—Samantha Mayers/Taylor Lashley, GB def. Haley Brown/Sofia Madillo, GCB, 8-6; 13—Yasmin Guzman/Nila Alvarado, DC def. Holly Reimer/Bethany Reimer, Meade, 8-5; 15—Clarise Snapp/Mackenzie LaViolette, Gb def. Ximyna Rojas/Harley Ewalt, U, 8-7 (8-6) 

Zimmerman/Zimmerman def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-2; Mayers/Lashley def. Rojas/Ewalt, 8-6; Galia/Ptacek def. Mayers/Lashley, 8-4; Snapp/LaViolette def. Carolli/Kimbrel, 8-3; Diederic/Schroeder def. Snapp/LaViolette, 8-2; Harp/Molina def. Snapp/LaViolette, 8-7 (7-3); Reimer/Reimer def. Snapp/LaViolette, 8-5