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Protect children from the fallacy of gender-affirming care
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To the editor:

I know that the Governor of our great state cares about Kansans and people in general or she wouldn’t have gotten into politics. I know she also has children and grandchildren that she cares deeply about. So, I am astonished that a state like Kansas would not OK a bill that would protect children from the fallacy of “Gender-affirming care.”

Most parents have the good sense to know that you don’t mess with a child’s body as they are growing! You don’t go injecting the bodies of young people with drugs that we have no medical studies showing what the long-term effect is.

We really need to see what an invasion of idiocy this gender-affirming care cult has become! Doing these things to children’s bodies when they are barely able to know how long to stay up at night because they have school the next day is stupid. Yeah, stupid! There is no other word applicable for this kind of idiocy! Okay, that’s another word that describes it. When will we come to our senses? I feel so bad for our children today. They still look to adults for love and direction, and they get that kind of guidance!

Jim Hulsey