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Column: We're being abused
Charlie's Inside Corner: May 1, 2019
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I’m a sufferer of domestic abuse. No, the little lady is not beating on me. Instead I, and all other Kansas City Chief fans, are suffering from domestic abuse, the domestic abuse put out by some of their stars against their “significant others”.

In less than a year the Chiefs have, in all probability, lost two Pro Bowl-caliber players to this thing called “domestic abuse”. All-Pro running back, Kareem Hunt, the NFL’s leading rusher in 2017, was suspended last November and, eventually, banned by the Chiefs’ organization due to his participation in an altercation with a woman in a hotel. The net result is that Hunt is now no longer a Chief. This stellar running back has now signed with Cleveland, though he must first serve an eight-game suspension at the start of this next season.

In recent weeks the indomitable speedster, Tyreek Hill, was arrested for domestic violence but not charged. Still, the Chiefs have suspended the former Garden City Community College and Oklahoma State star and it is expected that the NFL will, in the least, fine and suspend him. When originally drafted by the Chiefs, a number of NFL teams passed on him before the Chiefs picked him, due to a similar incident while in college. The Chiefs’ brass stated, “we have done our homework on Hill. We feel that he is changed and has learned his lesson. We want to give him a second chance.”

The question now becomes, will it be “two strikes and you’re out for Hill?” At the very least a big fine and a significant multi-game suspension will be forthcoming from the NFL headquarters. The next question is, “is this a pattern that the Chiefs need to take a look at in their player evaluation system?” My guess is that no, this is not a problem particular to our Chiefs but rather, one that permeates the entirety of the National Football League.

However you look at it, it will make all Chiefs fans wonder, “with two major components of our offense now missing can we still win, can we get to the playoffs and a Super Bowl?” Patrick Mahomes, the Super-Man-Quarterback has shown that he is pretty good BUT if you remove two of his best weapons, even Superman is susceptible to Kryptonite!

Thank goodness Superman hasn’t been arrested for domestic violence against reporter, Lois Lane!



I see that New York City is considering banning hot dogs. My question is, is that the thing you eat or all of the hot dog players that perform there?

The left-leaning magazine, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has announced that for the first time ever a model in their Swimsuit Edition will wear Hijab,Burkini . Boy, I bet there will be a lot of guys who want to see someone all wrapped up in robes go swimming!

”To the victor goes the spoils” is an old adage that is especially true in the sporting world. Win a bunch, as a coach, and you get a new contract for a lot of money. Dabo Swinney, the “country-boy-coach” of football’s national champion Clemson was recently given a ten-year deal worth $93 million dollars making him the highest paid coach in college football. Texas Tech’s Chris Beard ,who just took the Red Raiders to the national championship game in college basketball, has been rewarded with a six-year deal worth $4.575 million per year, making him the third-highest paid collegiate basketball coach in the nation. That seems a little premature to me but then, hey, I don’t have any oil wells near Lubbock!

They say money can’t buy you happiness and , perhaps, W.C. Fields said it best: “A rich man is just a poor man with money.” I’m not sure I understand all of that but then, I didn’t understand a LOT of things W.C. Fields said! 

Perhaps this makes more sense from Lana Turner: “A successful man is a man who can earn more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is a woman who can find such a man!”

Charles Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. His views are not necessarily those of the Tribune. To reply to his column, contact him at