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Dogs and People a Healthy Team
RaShann Southard understands a lot about how animals and humans provide mutual well being.

RaShann Southard loves dogs, especially Boxers. The founder of Hands of Hope Rescue, committed to finding good homes for homeless canines, has dedicated her life to this cause. 

In 2012, she lost her first Boxer, Buster, and missing him, she began her search for another through her network of shelters, waiting patiently until she saw some puppies at a rescue. Boxer puppies, she said, are few and far between. When she found Cash, she drove to Dallas where she met the transport driver that brought him through the first leg of his journey from Houston. Today, he’s part of the family that in addition to her husband and sons, includes Piper, a boxer mix, Lenny, the “chiweenie,” and Shay, a white German Shepherd Dog.