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Albert man part of Corn Corps young farmer program
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Nine farmers were recognized at the 2023 Kansas Corn Symposium in Salina for their participation Kansas Corn’s Corn Corps young farmer program. These farmers began the program in December 2021, and through the program have expanded their network, knowledge of the corn industry and pushed them to grow in their business expertise. This is the fifth class to graduate from the program since its start in 2015. The participants will officially complete the program in March 2023 after representing Kansas Corn at National Commodity Classic.

Local Corn Corps Class 5 participant was Bryce Maneth, Albert, of Maneth Ag.

The Kansas Corn Corps program consists of three in-state sessions plus a domestic agriculture trip. Overall objectives for the program include learning how participants fit into their farm and progress as an individual, how their farm fits into the industry, what opportunities and challenges they face in the industry and how they can progress in the corn industry.

The first session focused on the idea of growing as an individual and as a farm. The second session focused on learning how participants can grow and improve their farming operations and how the work Kansas Corn does in market demand and policy impacts their farm. 

In July 2022, the group took a domestic trip to the Pacific Northwest to learn about agriculture in the region and how farming is different from the plains of Kansas. During the trip, they gained a better understanding of how they fit into the larger production picture and learned how to effectively engage consumers. 

The third session this month will include farm and industry visits in southwest Kansas, focused on market development and agribusiness in our state.

Applications for Class 6 will open this summer. To apply for Corn Corps, candidates must be actively involved in a Kansas corn farming operation and be a member of the Kansas Corn Growers Association. 

Participants must be 45 or younger and can be either individuals or couples. For more information visit contact Emily Koop, director of market and leadership development at