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BBB advice for controlling pests and choosing exterminators
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As April’s warmer weather spreads across the Sunflower State, pest control can become an issue for residents. Whether the culprits are ants, cockroaches, stinging insects, termites or flies, the rising temperatures can mean problems controlling them. Your Better Business Bureau has some advice for consumers selecting a trustworthy pest control company.
Choosing an exterminator
If pests do get in, or even if you want to initiate a schedule of professional extermination to assure that they are controlled, then comes the time to select a company to keep your residence insect-free. These tips will make the job of choosing an exterminator easier:
• Check out any company you are considering by going to and reading up on them.
• Get bids from at least three pest control companies before making a decision.
• Find out if they are licensed and have liability insurance.
• Get references. Ask friends and family which companies they use and ask the company itself for references. Follow through on the references by contacting them.
• Ask about a warranty. Find out specifically what it covers, for how long and what happens if the pests come back.
• Ask about safety. Are the chemicals used dangerous to your family and your pets?
• Get everything in writing. This includes the contract and all guarantees. Be sure you understand what is stated. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t take anything for granted.
Hopefully the only things that will spring up around your home are flowers. But if insect pests emerge as well, take the steps listed above to make sure they don’t enter your residence.
If you have questions or concerns regarding pest control issues, contact your BBB by calling (800) 856-2417, or visit our website at