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Beahm joins Advanced Therapy & Sports Medicine
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Megan Beahm, PT, DPT, and her husband, Scott, of Chicago contemplated for a few years a move back to their home state of Kansas from the Windy City where she worked as a licensed physical therapist. Then the couple’s daughter was born nearly 10 months ago and that solidified their decision to return. As Beahm began looking around Kansas in early spring for potential PT positions, it happened that Great Bend’s Advanced Therapy & Sports Medicine was looking to fill a therapist position.

After achieving her PT state license, Beahm began her duties with the clinic, located at 1514 K-96, on June 28. Her new position is drastically different than her role at the larger Westlake Hospital in Chicago where she worked for three years. Knowing the community, however, she’s quickly adjusting to the change.

"There aren’t too many surprises for me so far, even though the environment is very different here," said Beahm. "In Chicago, I worked at an outpatient clinic based out of the hospital. I worked in a large gym that was hospital run. It was a different patient population for sure."

Beahm is a certified lymphedema specialist, stemming from her advanced degree training at Northwestern University Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences. She explained that her specialty is treating damage to the lymphatic system; many times caused during the treatment of cancer, and most notably breast cancer. She’s also trained in other areas of women’s health, namely in working with pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic pain and incontinence.