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Cherry Village recognizes housekeepers during special week
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The Cherry Village housekeeping and laundry staffs have been recognized for their contributions to the health and welfare of the facilitys residents. From left to right are: Maria Gonzalez, Maria Arana, Lucia Almaraz, Marabel Villegas and Angelica Escobedo. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

               Since much of what the housekeeping and laundry employees do at Cherry Village Benevolence is behind-the-scenes, their co-workers wanted to take advantage of a special week to recognize their diligence.

            The five women were honored in observance of Environmental Services & Housekeeping Week, Sept 10-16. They are Maria Gonzalez, Maria Arana, Lucia Almaraz, Angelica Escobedo and Marable Villegas.

            Cherry Village is a non-profit, short- and long-term-care facility.

            “Our team of housekeeping professionals does so much for Cherry Village and our residents,” Director of Marketing Erin Lewis said. “Their hard work is vitally important to everyone here, and results in a pleasing first impression for visitors.

 “We often hear compliments about our cleanliness,” she continued. “Each member of the housekeeping staff should take pride in the valuable services they perform. We appreciate everything they do.”

Cherry Village insists on cleanliness for the health of residents and staff, and uses products appropriate for long-term-care facilities, Lewis noted.

“Our housekeepers are a good counterpart to the nursing staff,” she explained. “They help prevent infections every day and take extra precautions during cold and flu seasons.

“The housekeepers tell us they think of Cherry Village and our residents as an extension of their families. We think of them the same way,” Lewis added. “We are blessed to have such an amazing team of caring individuals.”

A local family has managed Cherry Village, 1401 Cherry Lane, since it opened in 1978.