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Couple purchases Cottonwood Grove RV Park after renting a spot for a night
George and Missy Urban purchased the Cottonwood Grove RV Park in Great Bend. - photo by Edward Naughton

After spending a night at the Cottonwood Grove RV Park in Great Bend, George and Missy Urban liked it so much they decided to buy it. They have owned the RV park at 2800 Main Street since October 1, 2021.

“I cannot even remember how we found out at the time that this place was for sale,” Missy said.

This lovable married couple of 20 years weren’t looking for a business venture when they sold their home and all but one of their rental properties and started traveling in their own recreational vehicle. In the space of about one year, they went from owning about 10 homes and properties, to only one home which they currently rent out to tenants.

Once they learned the Great Bend RV park was for sale, however, they only talked about the challenge of buying it for a day or two before making their decision.

“We came back here after a vacation in California and Arizona, and then we decided to have a place to still call home,” George said. “So, we were sitting in this park last year because we had rented a spot and we said to each other, ‘hey, this place is for sale.’”

A personable couple

The Urbans enjoy visiting with guests and have plenty of funny quips of their own.

When talking about age, Missy said, “He is a glorified senior,” pointing to George, who recently celebrated his 71st birthday. About her own age, she would only say, “I am still coming up in the ranks.”

When asked about family, Missy said, “We have the yours and mine, but not the ours; altogether six children and 11 grandchildren.” 

She also likes to hear stories from people that rent from them in the park. “It is fun to go talk to them and get their story. So far my favorite person was an 80-year-old from Arizona, a new widow, and traveling to Michigan.”

About the RV park

Cottonwood Grove has 15 RV hookups. Amenities include picnic tables, nice shady spots and free wi-fi service.

Also on the property is a brick duplex with two longtime tenants.

While some people are only there for a weekend, many RVers will spend several weeks at the park, George said. These include contract nurses, plant workers and electricians. Originally some welders who checked in only wanted to rent a space for three or four days, yet they are still on-site after six weeks.

Often people who rent a space live in Great Bend but want a place for visitors who come to town. Cheyenne Bottoms wildlife refuge and events such as baseball tournaments also bring RVers to town.

“Motels are full or they want you to pay too much for renting a room, so people use their camper,” George said. “We were pretty full this year. We have had to have turn people down. We are a small park. We try to fit in as many as we can.”

To those who may want to visit Cottonwood Grove RV park and see if a spot is open for rent, George said, “We take cash or a check.” The telephone number is 620-792-4558.