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EDC competition dancing away with awards
Great Bend dancers getting TOP marks
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EDC competition team at Stage One. Top Row Left to Right: Charley Sander, Jade Holman, JoDe McCallie, Marley Harris Bottom Row Left to Right: Khloe Trudeau, Makenzy Augustine, Rylee Ayon, Mersadie Spray Rylie Friess. Not pictured are mention Emma Ayre and Chloe Madden. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

TOP Wichita competition results:

Beginner Soloists:
Marley Harris, 9-10 years old, Music Theatre, “Wash That Man “ – Diamond, 5th Overall
Chloe Madden, 15-16 years old, Lyrical, “Heaven”, Diamond, 4th Overall, Judge’s Choice Award “Heaven’s Angel”

Beginner Duos/Trios:
Chloe Madden, Hanna Frandy, Emma Ayre, 15-16 years old, Jazz, “Gibberish” – Elite, 1st Overall

Intermediate Soloists:
Khloe Trudeau, 7-8 years old, Jazz, “Calling All The Monsters” – Diamond
Mersadie Spray, 9-10 years old, Contemporary, “In Spite” – Diamond, 5th Overall, TOP Starz Invitation, 5th Place TOP Entertainer
JoDe McCallie, 11-12 years old, Open, “Dollhouse” – Elite, 4th Place TOP Entertainer
Makenzy Augustine, 11-12 years old, Jazz, “Get Ready” – Diamond
Rylee Ayon, 11-12 years old, Contemporary, “Heal” – Diamond, 3rd Place TOP Entertainer Award, TOP Starz Invitation
Aubrey Habash, 15-16 years old, Lyrical, “Doesn’t Mean Goodbye” – Elite
Caitlyn Hammack, 15-16 years old, Lyrical, “Breathe Again” – Diamond
Jewelia Depperschmidt, 17-19 years old, Lyrical, “Saving Grace” – Diamond, 5th Overall, TOP Starz Invitation
Emma Ayre, 17-19 years old, Open, “Car Radio” – Diamond
Emma Ayre, 17-19 years old, Contemporary, “Islands” – Diamond
Kaeli Amerine, 17-19 years old, Lyrical, “Foolish Games” – Diamond

Intermediate Duos/Trios:
Khloe Trudeau, Jade Holman, Rylie Friess, 5-6 years old, Jazz, “TTYLXOX” – Double Diamond, Category Cup Winner, 2nd Overall
Khloe Trudeau, Rylie Friess, 7-8 years old, Jazz, “Fierce” – Diamond, 3rd Overall
Mersadie Spray, Charley Sander, 9-10 years old, Lyrical, “Burning House” – Diamond
Marley Harris, Reagan Frandy, 9-10 years old, Jazz, “Applause” – Diamond, 7th Overall
Rylee Ayon, Makenzy Augustine, 11-12 years old, Open, “Killin’ It” – Elite
Caitlyn Hammack, Aubrey Habash, 15-16 years old, Lyrical, “My Skin” – Diamond, 2nd Overall

Intermediate Groups:
Khloe Trudeau, Mersadie Spray, Marley Harris, Rylie Friess, 7-8 years old, Lyrical, “Never Grow Up” – Elite
Mersadie Spray, Charley Sander, Marley Harris, Alyssa Habash, Reagan Frandy, Rylee Ayon, Makenzy Augustine, 9-10 years old, Open, “Just Kids” – Diamond
Mersadie Spray, Charley Sander, Katie McClendon, Marley Harris, Alyssa Habash, Rylee Ayon, Makenzy Augustine, 9-10 years old, Jazz, “Pop Pop Bang Bang” – Diamond
Caitlyn Hammack, Aubrey Habash, Jewelia Depperschmidt, Emma Ayre, Rylee Ayon, Makenzy Augustine, 15-16 years old, Jazz, “Man’s World” – Diamond, 3rd Overall,
Judge’s Choice “Heart”
Rylee Ayon, Chloe Madden, Caitlyn Hammack, Aubrey Habash, Hannah Frandy, Jewelia Depperschmidt, Emmay Ayre , 15-16 years old, Contemporary, “Manic” – Diamond, 2nd Overall

Intermediate Line Performance:
Khloe Trudeau, Mersadie Spray, Charley Sander, Katie McClendon, JoDe McCallie, Chloe Madden, Jade Holman, Marley Harris, Caitlyn Hammack, Aubrey Habash, Alyssa Habash, Rylie Friess, Reagan Frandy, Hannah Frandy, Jewelia Depperschmidt, Emma Ayre, Rylee Ayon, Makenzy Augustine, 11-12 years old, Jazz, “OMG” – Diamond, 3rd Overall

Most Photogenic Award – Ages 10 & Younger:
7th Place – Jade Holman
5th Place – Mersadie Spray
4th Place – Khloe Trudeau
1st Place – Rylie Friess

Most Photogenic Award – Ages 11-12:
5th Place – Katie McClendon

The competition team at Euphoria Dance Center has been making heads turn from Wichita to Colorado Springs in the past three months. Starting with the Bravo Regional Dance Competition at Maize March 5-6, and returning for the Stage One National Dance Competition at Maize High School April 9 and 10, to Talent on Parade Regional Dance Competition April 22-23 at Colorado Springs, Colo., and finally the Talent on Parade Regional Dance Competition at Century II at Wichita, Great Bend dancers have been racking up trophies and awards at a frenetic pace. We have highlights from each competition:

This competition was a good introduction for some of the less experienced dancers, and provided a good opportunity for the more advanced dancers to the competition circuit. Categories included: Overture, for students with two years or less of studio training and no competition experience; Encore, for those with up to four years of studio training and a little competition experience: and finally Bravo, for experienced students of dance with high technical abilities.
In addition to a plethora of awards, EDC received a choreography award for the small group petite lyrical “Never Grow Up.” Only one choreography award for each level was given as part of the most advanced portion of the competition. Rylie Friess, Marley Harris, Mersadie Spray, and Khloe Trudeau performed.

Stage One
With two categories, Rising Star for recreational and beginner dancers, and Shooting Star for experienced dancers who train up to 5 hours a week, there were plenty of opportunities to shine. Marley Harris was the top scoring Rising Star, performing in the musical theater category, “Wash that man,” taking Platinum, 8th overall.
Top scoring Shooting Star Mersadie Spray performed a contemporary number, “In Spite,” receiving Double Platinum, Category Winner, and 9th overall. Spray returned to the winners stage two more times with her duo partner Charley Sander, performing the lyrical “Burning House,” for Platinum, 6th overall; and once again with small group teammates Rylie Friess, Marley Harris, and Khloe Trudeau in the lyrical “Never Grow Up,” receiving High Gold.

TOP Colorado Springs
Dodging record snowstorms on the Colorado Front Range, the team travelled to Colorado Springs during the state’s wettest month. But their performances were anything but wet. Beginners Marley Harris and Chloe Madden scored well with their solos. This competition gave intermediate students in particular the spotlight.
Mersadie Spray’s years of study really began to pay off, as she took home several honors for her contemporary solo, “In Spite,” this time winning: Diamond, 3rd Overall, TOP Starz Invitation, and 10th Place TOP Entertainer Award. Spray and duo partner Charley Sander also received the coveted Holiday Spectacular Scholarship for their lyrical, “Burning House.”
Jewelia Depperschmidt, 17-19 years, also received a TOP Starz Invitation with her lyrical “Saving Grace,” along with awards Diamond, 2nd Overall.
The competition also included the category Most Photogenic. Rylie Friess, age category 10 and younger, was awarded 1st place in this category.

TOP Wichita
With several wins already earned, the team returned to Wichita just in time for Mother’s Day weekend at Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center.
This go round, Chloe Madden, the 15-16 year old newcomer to EDC, received Diamond, 4th Overall, and the Judge’s Choice Award “Heaven’s Angel,” for her lyrical solo “Heaven.”
Spray won a second TOP Starz Invitation for “In Spite,” and won 5th Place TOP Entertainer. Depperschmidt, too, won a second TOP Starz Invitation for “Saving Grace."
Rylee Ayon, 11-12 years old, received her TOP Starz Invitation for her contemporary solo “Heal,” She also received the Diamond and 3rd Place TOP Entertainer Award for the dance.
A trio of 5-6 year old dancers, Khloe Trudeau, Jade Holman, and Rylie Friess, won big with their jazz “TTYLXOX,” taking Double Diamond, Category Cub Winner and 2nd Overall.
Friess again took first place for Most Photogenic.