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Fahrney supports clients with Substance-Use Disorder at The Center
Danielle Fahrney, SUD counselor at The Center

When Danielle Fahrney worked as a parole officer, it became apparent that she wanted to take a different approach to helping people.

So, she switched gears and now has her temporary Substance-Use Disorder (SUD) license and supports clients at The Center for Counseling & Consultation, 5815 Broadway.

During this temporary-license stage, Fahrney works under the supervision of Kevin Ford, The Center’s Substance Use Program director.

“When I was a parole officer, I noticed that clients oftentimes viewed me as the enemy – not as someone who wanted to help,” Fahrney said. “I prayed about this and soon realized I wanted to work alongside people with SUD.”

Fahrney has been clean and sober for 17 years, and knows firsthand what alcohol and drugs can do to someone’s mental and physical health.

“I once was that person who struggled and needed encouragement,” she recalled. “Our clients need to know they are worth it and they are not alone.”

While clients help guide their treatment plans, Fahrney provides education about topics such as relapse prevention; triggers that can lead to using drugs; coping skills; and stress management.

“I want to help them navigate through the barriers they face, while providing them with opportunities to be active in their recovery process,” she said. “Together, we can find ways to do this in one-on-one and/or group settings, whatever is best for the individual.”

Fahrney noted that her new position at The Center also allows her to be active in the community and learn from other entities. “I attend educational events at Barton Community College and interact with representatives of other organizations concerned with mental health. This gives me the chance to network with these groups and learn more about our big array of local community resources.”

Fahrney will be fully licensed in the spring of 2025. Until then, Kevin Ford is her immediate supervisor.

“Because of Danielle’s knowledge and experience with SUD, she has proven to be an asset in the Care Coordination program here at The Center,” Ford said. “A few months ago, I asked her to expand her role and develop her own curriculum for group counseling. Under my supervision, she is now leading groups.

“Danielle is creative and engaging, while being receptive to suggestions,” Ford continued. “She has a great passion for what she does and is honing her skills. We are fortunate that she is expanding our SUD department where we offer counseling and peer mentoring.”

The Center for Counseling & Consultation is a Community Mental Health Center serving Barton, Pawnee, Rice and Stafford counties. Professionally trained personnel offer: individual and group therapy; marriage and family counseling; community-support services; community-based services; psychosocial rehabilitation; peer support; and medication management. The confidential 24/7 crisis hotline number is 800-875-2544.