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Farmers and ranchers of Kansas Farm Bureau to meet in Manhattan
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MANHATTAN – Farmers and ranchers from across the state will gather at the end of the week for the 92nd-annual meeting of Kansas Farm Bureau, the state’s largest agriculture advocacy organization.

More than 1,000 Farm Bureau members representing each of the state’s 105 counties will have the opportunity to learn more about how they can strengthen their farm, their farm organization and their way of life, as they attend the KFB annual meeting, Nov. 19-20 in Manhattan.

In his message to Farm Bureau members on Friday, Nov. 19, Kansas Farm Bureau president Steve Baccus will discuss the importance of communicating shared values with the majority of Kansans and Americans who lack a direct, personal connection with family farming and agriculture.

"The future of planet Earth is urban. Globally and right here in Kansas," Baccus will share with Farm Bureau members. "In the counting of noses, ‘urban’ passed ‘rural’ two years ago and we won’t be going back."

Farm Bureau members will have an impressive roster of breakout session topics and presenters from which to choose featuring state, national and international experts who will address federal farm policy, rural development, Kansas natural resource concerns, energy, conservation and much more.

The heart of the Kansas Farm Bureau annual meeting is the delegate resolution process. The policy resolutions adopted by voting delegates in Manhattan will become KFB’s 2011 policy roadmap for agriculture advocacy efforts before local governments, the state legislature and the U.S. Congress. The resolutions up for discussion are the result of a yearlong grassroots effort, involving input from county Farm Bureau members throughout Kansas.

The Kansas Farm Bureau annual meeting will take place at two major venues – the KFB state headquarters building just off Seth Child Road in northwest Manhattan and the KSU Student Union.

Kansas Farm Bureau represents grassroots agriculture. Established in 1919, this non-profit advocacy organization supports farm families who earn their living in a changing industry.