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Fuller Industries responds to shortage crisis

Fuller Industries is answering the call to provide much-needed supplies across the nation by ramping up production of current products, increasing product offerings and finding unique solutions for PPE shortages, company officials report. 

Fuller Industries has ramped up production on its EPA-approved disinfectants and hand sanitizers at its Great Bend manufacturing site in response to global shortages. 

“We are currently filling around 10,000 gallons of hand sanitizer every day,” Brett Hughes, vice president of Sales and Marketing said. “We heard from our customers they were needing a variety of sizes. Due to that demand, we decided to roll out hand sanitizer in 8-ounce and one-gallon-sizes, to complement our current offering of dispenser refills.” 

Truckloads of hand sanitizer are leaving the Fuller Industries’ plant heading across the nation. 

“We are working two shifts, at least five days a week focusing on fulfilling customer orders across the nation,” Mark Chalfant, Chief Executive Officer, said. “But we can’t forget about the important community we have right here. We are donating hand sanitizer to the United Way of Central Kansas for distribution to various groups and to the local fire department to help keep them safe on the front lines.” 

In addition to ramping up production on disinfectants and sanitizers, Fuller Industries is developing ways to meet other shortages. 

“We are currently developing an intubation box for surgical teams to protect surgeons and staff while allowing them to perform necessary surgeries. We are working on a device that can dispense one-gallon hand sanitizer containers for mass use at large event centers, airports and more; and our team is currently changing our sewing operation from producing mop heads to producing masks,” Chalfant said. 

Fuller Industries is a Great-Bend-based manufacturing corporation with a 114-year history that specializes in manufacturing commercial cleaning products, custom brushes and plastics. For more information, visit Fuller Industries online at