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Great Bend Regional Hospital recognized by the American Red Cross
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Barry Lightfoot and Raylette Oeser check in new units of blood received from the American Red Cross. Great Bend Regional Hospital stocks its own blood bank, and has seen firsthand the severe shortages for blood donations. Lightfoot is the hospitals Blood Bank supervisor, and Oeser is the hospitals Laboratory Supervisor and the volunteer who coordinates GBRH internal blood drives.

The American Red Cross recently recognized a number of organizations across the country that sponsored summer blood drives in their communities, and Great Bend Regional Hospital was among the short list of companies named in the Great Bend area. The recognition was awarded based on the local healthcare leader’s success in reaching its blood drive goals, something that many events are not able to do.
“We salute you for setting the gold standard for sponsors of the Red Cross to help save lives of patients in need,” said the Red Cross letter. “Congratulations and thank you for all you do to support your community!”
In a time of severe blood shortage, Great Bend Regional Hospital facilitates internal blood drives for its employees several times per year. Raylette Oeser, Supervisor for the Laboratory department, volunteers to spearhead the effort by recruiting donors and coordinating with the Red Cross staff.
“Being directly involved with stocking our own blood bank, I have personally seen how the blood shortage is effecting our community,” Oeser says. “We have never had any trouble filling our 50 donor slots here at the hospital, and I think that has a lot to do with the passion our employees have for saving lives.”
The blood drives at Great Bend Regional Hospital are closed events for employees of the healthcare facility. However, the American Red Cross facilitates dozens of other blood drives in the area throughout the year. More information can be found on their website at