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Great Bend woman starts Mind/Eye Connection venture
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Julie Stuhlsatz engages Brynna Boltman, 11, in a therapeutic exercise to enable her brain’s left and right hemispheres to become balanced and function as one. Stuhlsatz has started a new business in Great Bend called Mind/Eye Connection.

         Since Julie Stuhlsatz wants to equip families with resources that can “drastically change lives,” she has started a new venture in Great Bend.

            The business is called Mind/Eye Connection, which offers exercises to improve cognitive ability through one-on-one visual and motor-skill training. For now, Mind/Eye Connection is a home-based business.

            “Mind/Eye exercises are designed to re-train the mind, eyes and body to work together with no effort,” Stuhlsatz said. “Medications don’t always cure the problem; they usually only disguise the symptoms.”

            Some conditions that may be improved or overcome are attention deficit disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders and dyslexia.

            “Mind/Eye Connection activities and exercises zero in on improving concentration, comprehension, focus, memory, patience and visualization,” Stuhlsatz said. “Everyone in the family will benefit from a child’s behavioral and cognitive improvements, which are the result of the exercises.”

            Stuhlsatz has received training from a New Mexico optometrist and LearningRx. She also has earned a cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner certificate and is continuing her education.


A family’s experience


            Brooke Boltman, Great Bend, recalled that her daughter, Brynna Boltman, 11, “had always struggled in school.” When Brooke learned about Mind/Eye Connection about a year ago, she called Stuhlsatz.

            “The concept of both sides of your brain needing to work together made sense to us,” Brooke said. “In addition, Julie has such a calm presence, which has made a difference for Brynna.

 “She is now able to retain information. Previously, you had to try to teach her the same things every day. But they just wouldn’t stick.”

            The youngster’s reading-and-comprehension skills have improved, and her speech is clearer and penmanship better. Brynna is grasping new concepts and retaining the information. Her academic work is on the upswing.

Brynna’s fine motor skills are improving too. For example, she is now able to balance herself and jump rope.

            “Brynna has very bad anxiety but working with Julie has helped,” Brooke commented. “Brynna is more outgoing and is able to make eye contact when speaking to you.

            “She has even auditioned for parts in school performances, which is something she would have never done before. Julie and her program have given Brynna much more self-confidence.

            “We also have learned about things that we didn’t even know Brynna was struggling with. I hope others learn about Mind/Eye Connection and take advantage of it.”

Mark Blakeslee, a therapist in private practice, is consulting with Stuhlsatz; he is the proprietor of Counseling Services of Nickerson.

            “I assist Julie if there are mental-health issues that impair learning,” Blakeslee said. “In addition, I will offer advice if she has concerns about depression, PTSD, ADHD and other primary mental-health disorders and their effects on learning capability.

            “If there are deficits in school performance, or brain trauma or learning disabilities, the exercises will be used after Julie completes an initial assessment.”

            Blakeslee’s resume includes a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Friends University at Wichita.

            He has studied traumatic brain injury; volunteered with Head Start children; and worked in a residential facility for young people. Blakeslee recently received Eye Movement Desensitization & Rehabilitation training.

            For more information, contact Stuhlsatz by emailing