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HaysMed offers 3D Mammography in the fight against breast cancer
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HaysMed is now offering patients the latest 3D Mammography – Tomosynthesis.  The Breast Care Center at HaysMed is the only facility in Kansas outside of Kansas City that offers 3D mammography.
3D mammography converts digital breast images into a stack of very thin layers allowing the radiologist to see breast a layer at a time giving a more clear view of the breast. Fine details are more clearly visible, no longer hidden by the tissue above and below.
“We are very excited to offer this advanced technology to patients in western Kansas.” Said  Dr. Anne O’Dea, Medical Director of the Breast Care Center. “Patients now have local access to the latest technology in the fight against breast cancer.”
Using breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography together for screening has been proven to reduce the amount of call backs for suspicious images on a mammogram giving patients a greater peace of mind. It has been shown to have a 30% increase in detecting breast cancer.  
According to Ruth Heffel, Director of the HaysMed Foundation, obtaining the tomosynthesis equipment was made possible through contributions by generous donors to the foundation.
Women who should consider having 3D mammography are those that have dense breasts, a history of call backs with their mammograms and women with a family history of breast abnormalities or breast cancer.    
This new technology combines 2D and 3D mammography. Most insurance companies cover the 2D mammography portion of this exam. There is an additional $75 cost for a 3D mammogram that is payable the day of the exam. This covers a $40 radiologist interpretation fee and $35 technical fee.
To schedule a screening mammogram appointment call 785-623-6565.
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