One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Incredible Years preschoolers interact with Brookdale residents
brookdale preschool 2020
Janie Reavis, a Brookdale resident, enjoys time with Jayden, a student at Incredible Years Preschool.

The residents and staff at Brookdale are probably glad that Incredible Years Preschool is in the neighborhood. It makes it easier for the preschoolers to visit now and then.

Under the supervision of Shari Schneider, Incredible Years director, the students can walk to the senior-living residence when schedules and weather allow. The preschool is located at 1312 Patton and Brookdale at 1206 Patton.

“It is always a great experience for so many reasons,” Schneider said. “For example, we practice following directions and many social skills. It is important to be exposed to new people and new settings.

“New experiences help build confidence in handling different situations,” she continued. “It is important to practice social skills at an early age.”

But it is not just the younger generation that benefits.

“The residents enjoy spending time with the children,” Schneider commented. “The more we visit, the better the rapport between the generations. And of course, the children love receiving so much positive attention.”

Schneider also mentioned that a student’s mom supplied some homemade treats to share during a recent trip to Brookdale. “It is always nice to have parental involvement.”

In addition to the Brookdale outings, Incredible Years offers nature walks in the neighborhood and welcomes visitors from the community. Visitors have included representatives of the Golden Belt Humane Society, Great Bend Fire Department, Great Bend Police Department and the Kansas Wetlands Education Center.

“These are a few examples,” Schneider said. “Depending on what we are studying at any particular time, we invite other experts from our community to share information with the children.”

Sunflower Diversified Services operates Incredible Years, which is open to any child. The income-based tuition is on a sliding scale.