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Kansas Farm Bureau accepting Ag Academy applications
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MANHATTAN — Anyone wanting to learn more about all facets of agriculture is encouraged to apply for Kansas Farm Bureau’s Ag Academy. The year-long program focuses on advocacy, leadership and service, education, rural communities and farm families.

“Ag Academy offers a first-hand view of all the issues and challenges those in agriculture face on a daily basis,” program leader Pam Dankenbring says. “The program will have virtual and in-person sessions, including tours across the state that will give participants a detailed look at the faces and methods of production agriculture in Kansas.”

Sept. 10 is the deadline to apply for Ag Academy. Anyone is welcome to apply, but class size is limited to 20 and there is a $100 fee due before the first in-person session. Meals at in-person sessions are provided, but travel, lodging and other costs are the responsibility of participants.

Ag Academy begins in October and consists of seven capsules, which each have two sessions, one virtual and the other in-person. Times and locations for tours and speakers will be confirmed after participants are selected.

To view a schedule of Ag Academy, learn more or submit your application, visit