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Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission meets in Great Bend, sets budget
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Meeting at American Ag Credit in Great Bend Wednesday, Sept. 8, the Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission approved a new budget for Fiscal year 2022 in the amount of $1,010,589.

“This budget reflects not only the momentum of the crop, but also a continued focus on research results and making a difference for farmers” said Commission Chairman Kevin Kniebel, farmer from White City.

Increasingly, the Commission is driving results through research in the areas of genetic markers, practical applications and market priorities. Also, the K-State sorghum breeding program is delivering results through private companies and beyond.”

Importantly, this year’s budget includes increased promotion and outreach opportunities to educate growers regarding timely crop technology and industry advancements as well as inform the general public about grain sorghum’s important economic and environmental roles within our state, Kniebel said.

Barton County ranks in the top 10 sorghum-producing counties in Kansas.

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