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KGBD-LD local public notice
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On October 14, Gray Television Licensee, LLC filed an application with the FCC to assign the license of KGBD-LD, Channel 30, Great Bend, from Gray Television Licensee, LLC to Knoxville TV LLC. KGBD-LD operates with 15 kW of power from a transmitter located at 38-24-22N, 98-43-19W.
Gray Television Licensee, LLC is wholly owned by Gray Television Group, Inc., which is wholly owned by WVLT-TV, Inc.  WVLT-TV, Inc. is wholly owned by Gray Television, Inc. The officers, directors, and 5% or greater shareholders of one or more of these entities are: Hilton H. Howell, Jr.; James C. Ryan; Kevin Latek; Kristine W. Eppes; Wendy Mavrinac; Jackson C. Cowart, IV; Jan Goldstein; Vance F. Luke; Jason Effinger; Tracey Jones; Bob Smith; Nick Waller; Chris Baker; Jay Barton; Jim Beck; James Berman; Mike Braun; Spencer Bienvenu; Robert Brokke; Julia Campbell; Ulysses Carlini; Greg Conklin; Rick Dean; Michele Godard; Jose Gaona; Chris Gross; Robert Folliard, III; Annette Heath; Mike King; Al Lancaster; Kelly Landeen; Laura Long; Nick Matesi; Rick McCue; Neil Middleton; Terry McHugh; Matt Eldredge; Mark Gentner; Nick Hessler; Chris Mossman; Brad Moses; Tim Myers; John O’Brien; John Ray; Roger Sheppard; Tim Walker; Mike Wright; Lisa Guill; Matt Jaquint; Heather Peeples; Sue Ramsett; Vic Richards; Barry Schumaier; Stacey Stewart; Don Vesely; Pete Veto; James Wareham; Tregg White; Luis Villareal; William E. Mayher, III; Richard L. Boger; Gene Elder; Howell W. Newton; Hugh Norton; Elizabeth Neuhoff; Harriet J. Robinson; Robin R. Howell and Becky Meyer.
The officers, managers, and members holding attributable interests in Knoxville TV LLC are James L. Lockwood, Jr., James A. Stern, David A. Hanna, Pamela B. Lawson, Gerald Walsh, JK Investments, Jessica L. Lockwood Irrevocable Trust, Katherine B. Lockwood Irrevocable Trust, TDR Revocable Trust, Thomas D. Rutherford, Jr., Paul Dujardin, Phillips Brown Partnership, Vernon R. Brown, Robert L. Phillips, Sr., James Reade Chisman, Varney Hintlian, John N. Schaffner, Jr., James P. Hamer, II, John D. Williams, William E Cress, Thomas G. Mendell, Timothy W. Dyer, and Robert E. Mannion.
A copy of the application and related materials are available for public viewing at and at the Federal Communications Commission, 445 Twelfth Street, SW, Washington, DC  20554.