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Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility announces Employees of the Quarter
Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility
Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility

The Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility announces its Outstanding Employees of the First Quarter for 2023: Uniformed Employee of the Quarter, Jeremy Baker, Corrections Officer II; Non-Uniformed Employee, Joshua Smith, Storekeeper; and Contract Employee, Haely Rice.

Baker began his career with the Kansas Department of Corrections at Norton Correctional in 2017. He transferred to LCMHF in 2018. During this time, he became a SORT member, moving up to SORT Assistant Commander and Defense Tactics Instructor. 

His nomination reads, “COII Jeremy Baker has been pulled from his post an entire year and placed in most every post but his own. He has never complained and has met each day with a positive attitude. COII Baker is the assistant S.O.R.T. commander and has been tasked with planning the majority of S.O.R.T. basic, and the set-up of instructors for the week.  

COII Baker will be pulled from posts to run force cell teams and high-risk searches for dangerous contraband. He is knowledgeable with gangs and communicates well with the entire resident population. He will always be assigned a new officer to OJT when assigned to 6-2 shift for the knowledge of all posts and ability to answer questions and communicate with new staff. COII Baker is a self-defense instructor and has volunteered to be an instructor for other courses.

COII Baker will work overtime once or twice a week even when not at top of the mandate list or if someone that is at top of the list cannot work. He will volunteer to help his co-workers. COII Baker is a family man and places his family before his personal goals 

Baker leads by example and is the definition of a team player. LCMHF is lucky to have him on staff. 

Smith began his career at LCMHF in October 2013 as a Storekeeper in Supply. He transferred to the Canteen Storekeeper position in February 2017.

His nomination reads, “Josh has always been dedicated to his job and wants to make sure canteen and property issuance is taken care of on time and accurately. He rarely takes time off work. When he does, he almost always plans it around his canteen schedule to reduce interfering with others’ job duties and to ensure accuracy and consistency. Recently, during inclement weather, Josh did not have to be at work, but chose to come out and deliver canteen so the residents didn’t have to wait. He also stayed to work on the paperwork for the next week, so he could hit the ground running when that delayed shipment arrived. I always appreciate Josh’s willingness to help other areas and for him keeping his area/processes organized and running smoothly.” 

Smith is an employee who is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure things get done.

Haely Rice began working  for LCMHF’s  health care provider as Administrative Assistant in July 2022.   

Her nomination reads, “Haely has done a fantastic job since she started here with Centurion. She is hardworking, dependable, and always willing to learn new tasks, while showing a very positive attitude. She is an amazing team player and is willing to do anything to help out within the department.” 

Rice is noted as a person who always can bring a smile and faces each day with a great attitude. Centurion and LCMHF are glad she’s on staff here at the facility. 

Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility is a 624-bed, multi-custody programming facility consisting of the Central Unit (medium/maximum custody) and South Unit (minimum custody).