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Magna Dry announces new air duct cleaning service
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Approximately 30 percent of adults in the United States suffer from allergy symptoms, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Allergens can collect in the air duct system of your home and circulate through the entire house. Magna-Dry, a locally-owned cleaning service, recently announced an expansion of their services to include residential and commercial air duct cleaning.
“At Magna Dry, we focus on improving the lives of our customers,” said Todd Clark, owner. “Our new air duct cleaning service effectively removes the dust, debris, and allergens that build up in duct work, which allows our customers and their families to breathe easier.”
The special machinery allows Magna-Dry’s trained technicians to insert high-powered vacuum hoses into each vent register to extract all the debris that collects in the duct work. Vent registers located in floors often collect food particles and other small trash that falls into the floor during regular sweeping.
“Eliminating the dust and debris helps HVAC systems run more efficiently, and will extend the life of the filters,” Clark said. “We have been hearing some amazing feedback from our customers, and want to help as many people as possible during the peak allergy season this fall.”
Magna-Dry will be offering an introductory special to launch the new air duct cleaning service. Residential customers can have all the duct work in their home cleaned for just $350, with up to 14 registers. Every vent after that is just $25 additional.
Learn more at or call Magna-Dry at 620-282-2267 to get a free estimate or schedule an appointment.