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Massage Cupping, circles optional
COURTESY PHOTO Shown are some of the tools of the trade for Sandra Burton at Sunflower Massage.

Stationary cupping and/or gliding cupping at Sunflower Massage are here. And steam towel polar fleece foot treatments, extended foot massage with tools, hot/cold therapy for the back. Gentle or vigorous Gua Sha face and body therapy will all be introduced in November, said owner Sandra Burton, a licensed massage therapist. 

And, she said, for every third person a client sends to get a massage, the client gets one free. The Referral Reward Program begins Nov. 1. 

“Although a session from a luxury spa for Valentine’s Day is lovely, receiving massage on a regular basis will change your body and change your life,” she said. “That’s priority one – establishing a massage routine.”  

Burton, who started her 25th year as an LMT in October said, “we’ve known massage releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins and stimulates the body’s own relaxation response. But now, with neuroplasticity of the brain a reality, the brain can literally change and be retrained. Good health and a positive state of well being is attainable. With an aging population, a massage routine becomes even more important.”

Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday-Saturday. Sessions are available at Renue Salon, Spa, and Fashion Boutique and at Sandra’s private studio. Book your time on for a Renue appointment, or call/text 512-773-6927 for a studio time. At this point, there is no long wait for an available time.