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McLeland recognized for customer service at all three OPI locations
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Gentry McLeland, who has been at Office Products Inc. only since last June, has earned an employee-appreciation certificate.

   Gentry McLeland has been at Office Products Inc. (OPI) only a short time but has already earned an employee-appreciation certificate for serving customers at the company’s three locations.

          McLeland, inside sales and customer service representative, is the only OPI employee who works at all three stores on a regular basis.

          The locations are 1204 Main in Great Bend, 516 Broadway in Larned, and 724 N. Main in Russell.

          “I just go where I am needed,” McLeland said. “I usually have regular days in Russell and Larned but now I am filling in for two of my Great Bend colleagues who are on maternity leave.

          “This traveling was a challenge at first,” she acknowledged. “But once I got the hang of it, I really started to enjoy it. It gives me a chance to get to know all OPI employees and our customers in each town.”

          McLeland, who lives in Ellinwood, graduated with an associate’s degree in business management and leadership from Barton Community College in 2014.

          “This degree and other experiences help me build relationships with our clientele,” McLeland commented. “I wanted to use my background at OPI because I knew I would be valued as an employee.

          “The owners are a local family, and to me, that is an added bonus,” she continued. “I am enjoying being part of a successful company.”

          McLeland’s duties include serving customers in the stores and on the phone; compiling electronic marketing materials and sales reports; and finding not-in-stock items for customers.

          Jim Grabbe, OPI sales manager, said McLeland works closely with him and other colleagues to meet customers’ needs.

          “Gentry has excelled at establishing and maintaining good relationships with our valuable clientele,” Grabbe said. “She is courteous and efficient, while providing professional service to each and every customer. She is adaptable and can pitch in and help at each store.

          “In addition,” he continued, “Gentry takes advantage of on-line training to enhance her knowledge of OPI’s products and services. We are fortunate to have Gentry as a member of our team.”