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Neurosurgeon seeing patients at St. Rose Speciality Clinic
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Scott Boswell, M.D.

A Salina-based neurosurgeon wanted to expand his reach into more areas of Kansas and has found a home away from home at St. Rose Ambulatory & Surgery Center.
Scott Boswell, M.D., recently began seeing patients at St. Rose’s Specialty Clinic, which is located on the main floor. He is there once a month and sees about 15 patients each time.
“We see a combination of conditions here at the Specialty Clinic,” Dr. Boswell said. “There are spinal problems, neck and back pain, brain tumors, malformations in the brain, as well as the repercussions of a stroke.”
Patients’ work-up and follow-up visits are at St. Rose, while the actual surgical procedures are performed in Salina.
Dr. Boswell’s practice is at Salina Regional Neurosurgery, which is part of Salina Regional Health Center.
“We wanted to offer our neurological services for all of central Kansas and St. Rose is a fantastic facility,” Dr. Boswell commented. “I am impressed with the professional people, and the high-quality radiology department and lab.
“Patients can get all these essential services in one spot, which is so important,” he added. “The goal is to provide services close to home so patients and their families do not have the added stress and expense of taking off work and driving 90 minutes one way for an appointment.”
Primary care physicians refer to Dr. Boswell when a neurological condition is involved. His procedures include cranial surgeries such as those for primary and metastatic tumors, chiari malformation, hematoma evacuation, stroke and traumatic brain injury.
He also performs peripheral nerve surgery.
Spine and spinal cord procedures include decompression for stenosis in cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. In addition, Dr. Boswell treats disc herniations, spinal instability, spine fractures, and spine and spinal cord tumors.
He is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Dr. Boswell’s internship and residency were at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
“I am so pleased to offer our services at St. Rose,” he said. “We have developed a great working relationship with everyone here and are enjoying this new opportunity.”