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New dentist
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Dr. David Hart and his staff announce that Dr. Nathan Jergensen, DMD has joined his dental practice at 1821 Kansas Ave. in Great Bend. Dr. Hart took the practice over from Dr. Rob Wilson in 2006. After 9 years of service to the residents of Great Bend, the practice became so large that Dr. Hart could no longer handle it alone. With Dr. Jergensen joining the practice they are now able to offer quicker scheduling for appointments, additional procedures, and are able to accept new patients again, including those with insurance and KanCare.
Dr. Jergensen comes to the practice after receiving advanced training at UCLA’s Venice Dental Center in Los Angeles. He received extensive training in all aspects of general dentistry including microsurgery. His true passion however lies in helping people replace missing teeth with the placement of dental implants.
Dr. Jergensen moved to Great Bend with his wife, Janessa, and 9-month old daughter, Natalie. Dr. and Mrs. Jergensen were married in Los Angeles in March 2013 while he was still in dental school at Midwestern University in Phoenix, Ariz. They both grew up in Southern California. Dr. Jergensen likes to tell his patients that he grew up in “a small town in California of about 100,000 people.” He and his family are enjoying the transition to living in central Kansas. “I kind of like the slower pace of life and not having to fight a million other people to get to work each morning.”
Dr. Jergensen completed a Bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University in Business Management. He took time off from school to complete a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. While there he learned several languages and spent time each day with the local people teaching them about Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the church.
Mrs. Jergensen completed her Bachelor’s Degree at BYU in Communications, and then, after working in marketing and journalism for two years, returned for a Master of Business Administration. She went on to work with GE Healthcare for 4 years before deciding to stay home to care for their daughter Natalie.
Both he and his wife are active members of the LDS congregation in Great Bend. Dr. Jergensen serves the congregation in the youth group with the teenage boys. An Eagle Scout himself, he has also been asked to be the Scoutmaster for their Boy Scout Troop. Mrs. Jergensen serves as President of the Young Women’s organization in the youth congregation.
Dr. and Mrs. Jergensen are both interested in outdoor activities. They enjoy biking together and taking Natalie on walks through their neighborhood. They also love watching as Natalie is learning how to stand, eat bananas by the mouthful, and race to catch her parents down the hall.
Appointments may be scheduled with Dr. Jergensen or Dr. Hart by calling the office at 792-5523.