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New OPI graphic artist brings talent, expertise to the job
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Phisut Champ Khiawsawat, OPI graphic artist

            The new graphic artist at Office Products Inc. understands that sometimes customers don’t know exactly what they want and may need a little guidance.

          When this happens, Phisut “Champ” Khiawsawat is more than happy to step in and share his ideas. Khiawsawat uses his artistic experience and bachelor’s degree in fine art/graphic design to help bring those ideas to a variety of products.

          “I can help our customers design about anything,” Khiawsawat said. “A big example is a logo they want to use on business cards, brochures, newsletters and banners.

          “It is not unusual for someone to stop in and say ‘hey, I need a logo design but I’m not sure what I want,’” Khiawsawat said. “I will ask questions about their business and the message they want to relay to customers.

“I will design a few options,” he added. “They usually know what they want when they see it.”

          While designing a logo can be a big job, Khiawsawat also serves customers who need services such a making copies of documents or binding a manuscript.

          “Our Copy Center here at OPI is full-service,” he noted. “We can take care of the big jobs such as a banner and the smaller jobs such as making copies.”

          Even though Khiawsawat has been at OPI only a short time, he already knows that if he has concerns, owners of the family business come through for him.

          “The folks who own OPI really listen to you,” Khiawsawat said. “They will work with you to get the project done, which is a big benefit to customers. It is not like this at other places.”

          Khiawsawat is originally from Thailand and moved to central Kansas with family 10 years ago. He is a graduate of St. John High School and earned his bachelor’s degree at Fort Hays State University in 2013.

          Tina Koochel, OPI Print Shop manager, said the business is fortunate to have found someone of Champ’s caliber to join the design team.

          “It is not every day you find someone with a natural talent, as well as a four-year degree in graphic arts,” Koochel said. “Our customers can count on Champ and his colleagues to take care of all their design and printing projects.”

          OPI is located at 1204 Main in Great Bend, 516 Broadway in Larned, and 724 N. Main in Russell.