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New physical therapist brings specialties to St. Rose Medical Pavilion
Megan Beahm, PT
Megan Beahm, PT

The newest member of the physical therapy team at The University of Kansas Health System 

St. Rose Medical Pavilion devotes much of her time to delivering specialty treatments to people in her hometown.

Megan Beahm, a 2001 Great Bend High School graduate, uses her expertise in pelvic health and lymphedema to care for and treat patients.

“I care for those who have common physical therapy conditions that result from injuries and strokes, but most of my time is focused on the two specialties,” Beahm said.

Pelvic health refers to urinary and fecal incontinence; pain related to the pelvis, tailbone, pregnancy and intercourse; constipation; and difficulties with voiding the bowels and bladder.

In her other specialty, Beahm helps patients with lymphedema. This condition refers to the swelling of a body part caused by problems with the lymphatic system.

“Our treatments focus on swelling in the arms, legs, trunk, head and neck,” Beahm said. “Someone can be born with lymphedema, but the biggest issue arises as a result after cancer treatment that affects the lymph nodes.

“Treatment for lymphedema often follows radiation treatments and/or the surgical removal of lymph nodes,” she explained.

However, the condition also can result from injuries sustained in an accident. “For example, a vehicle accident may cause lymphedema,” Beahm said.

A doctor’s referral often leads to physical therapy, but patients can refer themselves for treatment. In many cases, the therapist collaborates with the patient’s physician.

“We encourage anyone who is facing pelvic health issues or lymphedema to contact us,” Beahm said. “In many cases involving pelvic health, you can avoid surgery and get better quickly. Even if you have had symptoms of incontinence for years, you will feel much better after just a few visits.” 

Beahm also noted that the “main reason I wanted to come to St. Rose Medical Pavilion is to work with my colleagues here. They are fantastic – very professional and very caring. All of us focus on the overall, long-term health of our patients.”

Her colleagues are Melanie Schroeter and Allison Widener, both physical therapists. The number to reach the three therapists is 620-786-6515.

Beahm earned her bachelor’s degree in biology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 2005. She graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy in 2007 from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Her background includes physical therapy positions in Great Bend and Melrose Park, Ill.

Beahm and her husband, Scott, are originally from Great Bend. They have two children, and their own parents still live here.

“I love this community,” Beahm said. “Great Bend is a wonderful place to raise children.”