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Nex-Tech brings Netflix content closer to home
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More people than ever are turning to the Internet for video entertainment. The most popular option for Internet-accessed movies and TV shows is the streaming service Netflix.
The exponential growth in customers has created network challenges for both streaming services like Netflix, and Internet services providers like Nex-Tech. To minimize network traffic issues and improve the user experience, Nex-Tech is partnering with Netflix in its Open Connect program.
“With this partnership, Netflix has deployed their Open Connect Appliances, or video content servers in our data center,” said Justin McClung, Nex-Tech Director of Development, Innovation & Administration. “Having the servers closer to the user results in a more responsive experience for Netflix viewers, with less latency and buffering,” McClung added.
Instead of accessing video content from servers thousands of miles away, Netflix subscribers with Nex-Tech Internet service are viewing content from servers virtually in their backyard, McClung said.
“The Netflix Open Connect program is a win-win for both Netflix and Nex-Tech,” McClung said. “Nex-Tech minimizes expensive long-haul network traffic, while Netflix is able to offer a better customer experience to their streaming customers,” he said.