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Pawnee Valley Community Hospital sleep lab earns re-accreditation
This photo depicts one of the two suites in the Sleep & Diagnostic Center at Pawnee Valley Community Hospital. The center has earned re-accreditation.

Those who offer sleep tests at Pawnee Valley Community Hospital (PVCH) recently passed a test of their own.

As a result, the PVCH Sleep & Diagnostic Center has earned re-accreditation for another five years from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

“We follow very strict guidelines that continue to be the gold standard in sleep medicine,” said Megan Donecker, sleep lab director. “This plays a significant role in advancing the field of sleep medicine, improving patient care and promoting the importance of healthy sleep.

“When you have quality sleep it enhances your quality of life,” she added. “We also can help prevent medical issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, to name a few examples.”

With the support of Medical Director Son Truong, MD, Wichita, and Manmohan Biring, MD, HaysMed Pulmonology, the sleep lab staff offers a wide range of services.

These include in-lab sleep tests such as positive airway pressure titrations; home-sleep tests; multiple sleep latency tests; maintenance of wakefulness tests; and implant fine-tune tests.

Patients need a referral from their physician for sleep-lab services.

Adults who struggle with apnea or other issues are encouraged to consider a sleep test, Donecker noted.

Symptoms include: daytime fatigue; unusual breathing patterns; unpleasant urges to move while falling asleep; unusual movement during sleep; changes in sleep/wake schedule; irritability or anxiety; impaired performance at work or school; lack of concentration; weight gain; and depression.

Donecker assured prospective patients that they can count on comfort and support during an overnight stay.

“We have two large rooms that are set up like hotel suites and offer many comforts of home,” Donecker explained. “We have purchased new queen-sized beds that are adjustable, with 45 levels of soft/firm comfort settings.”

Other amenities are a large recliner chair, large bathroom with a spacious shower, television and safe for personal belongings.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine ensures sleep-medicine providers offer high-quality health care, while raising awareness about the importance of sleep for health, public safety and quality of life, Donecker added.

“We truly appreciate the re-accreditation; it illustrates we are dedicated to the advancement of sleep medicine,” she commented.

The sleep lab has been accredited since it opened in May of 2014.

Pawnee Valley Community Hospital, 923 Carroll in Larned, is a 25-bed facility, offering many services not typically available in a smaller facility. Included are 24/7 emergency care; acute, skilled and specialized nursing; surgery; high-tech imaging and laboratory tests; wound care; rehabilitation; and sleep and diagnostic center. PVCH Family Medicine provides the full range of family-medicine services; physician-assisted weight loss; and women’s health services. The hospital’s number is 620-285-3161; the clinic’s number is 620-804-6007.